Strengthen Client Relationships with Automation


Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Markus sits down with Mikael Yayon, partner at Ernst & Young, to discuss Mikael's transformative journey of revolutionizing traditional audit processes through cutting-edge automation tools. They explore how Mikael's team leveraged Workato to amplify process efficiency, eliminating manual data collection and promoting direct client interactions. Mikael advocates for team-wide adoption of technology tools like Workato, recognizing the synergy between his team's professional expertise and the tool's functionality. In his final advice, Mikael shares insights on future-proofing processes by embracing new tech advancements, such as generative AI.

  • Episode Key Takeaways

    Episode Key Takeaways

    • Revolutionize your business with automation: Elevate your operational efficiency and accuracy by leveraging automation tools like Workato to automate manual tasks seamlessly. This translates into a tangible reduction in labor and time spent on manual data collection.

    • Foster direct client interactions with automation: Opt for technological solutions that facilitate direct client interactions, eliminating the ‘middleman’. You will streamline communication, simplify procedures, and create a more client-friendly process by embracing automation tools.

    • Empower your team with widespread tech adoption: Ensure that your entire team is proficient in the technology tools you employ. Maximize usage, boost efficiency, and empower your team to synergize their expertise with the functionalities of the tools you've integrated.

    • Embrace the tech evolution: Strategically incorporate innovative technologies into your processes for future-proofing. In the age of AI, explore the possibilities of integrating a generative AI layer to amplify your business processes. Lay the groundwork now for the future transformation of your industry or processes.

  • About Mikael

    About Mikael

    Mikael Yayon is a Partner at Ernst & Young. He possesses proven skills and deep knowledge in auditing. He excels in improving security and cyber strategy, demonstrating a keen understanding of business requirements. Mikael adeptly aligns strategy, IT, and security, including technical aspects, all while maintaining robust control-based internal processes to meet regulation and compliance requirements.

  • Top Quotes

    Top Quotes

    “What we did with Wokato is really remove this need. So we have been cutting off all those dozens of hours that our clients were investing in screenshotting and providing the evidence to us by saying to them, you don't need to do that anymore now. We can plug into your system. We're going to use Workato, the embedded version, right, in order for us to be able to do that to multiple clients. And then we plug into your system and we extract the data.”

    “I sometimes also don't believe it. It's a complete change in the way of doing the same work we were doing before, but I would say it's not only to our clients that change, it's also to my EY team, right? Because they are now dealing with high tech, like with high tech tools, high tech products, like Workato. Which is, I would say, a complex tool on one side, but it's very easy to use, and it can do very complex stuff. And on my team as well, the work they're doing is much more straight to the point, right? So I provide them with all the tools they need and the processes to make sure that they focus on their professional judgment and on, actually, the audit itself and not all the tasks around, which all consist of getting the data, processing it, getting to that work paper step. And from there using professional judgment and, actually, providing the added value. So now they're focusing their time on that a lot. And the experience is totally different as well inside, right? Inside EY. So it's not only outside EY, which of course is a huge change. It's also inside EY.”