Imagining the Impact of Optimization


Episode Summary

In this episode, Markus Zirn and Luis Enriquez navigate the intricate world of technology leadership and business process optimization. Luis brings a wealth of experience in transforming IT and shares his insights from his roles at Grab and Zuellig Pharma. They dive into the benefits of focusing on process optimization and the importance of embracing discomfort as a significant catalyst for evolution. By scrutinizing buzzwords like AI and data, Luis stresses the importance of accessing their full potential beyond mere trends.

  • Episode Key Takeaways

    Episode Key Takeaways

    • Prioritize effective process design: Focus on essential tasks, remove unnecessary steps, and automate wherever possible to enhance productivity in large-scale operations. This was exemplified by Luis’ experience at Grab, where he streamlined process models to drive efficiency.

    • Don’t overlook the importance of data: All cutting-edge concepts such as AI substantially depend on data. Ensuring data is clean, ready, and in an environment conducive to AI applications is necessary for successful implementation.

    • Learn and educate yourself continuously: It's crucial to understand different disciplines, geopolitical situations, and historical contexts, as they impact technology landscapes. Effective leaders continuously expand their knowledge base through reading, and learning about society, history, and other areas that shape technology. 

    • Embrace discomfort for innovation: It's through discomfort and challenging situations that new insights and improvements emerge. Consistently pushing oneself to new limits and stepping outside of your comfort zone is an excellent approach to becoming innovative and adaptable.

  • About Luis

    About Luis

    Luis Enriquez is a global technology executive leader with a profound commitment to fostering talent and reshaping businesses through innovative technology solutions. As the Group CTO of Zuellig Pharma, he orchestrates transformative strategies that redefine customer perceptions, enhance trust, and revolutionize product and service utilization.

    With a career spanning over 23 years, Luis has navigated the complexities of both Fortune 500 giants and dynamic startups across APAC, EMEA, AMER, and LATAM regions. His leadership has consistently driven revenue growth, elevated profitability, expanded market share, and cultivated unwavering customer loyalty by crafting and implementing cutting-edge digital and technology strategies that deliver sustainable and impactful outcomes.

    Prior to his role at Zuellig Pharma, Luis held pivotal positions including Group CIO at Grab, Managing Partner at Blackcomb Consultants, Regional CIO at AIG, and Regional CIO at GE Industries.

  • Top Quotes

    Top Quotes

    “To anybody starting on this journey. Get into the details. Don't get caught in the buzzwords. Understand that the buzzword is a buzzword. What is behind that? What is actually what you need to create that or make a decision? AI is about data. It's as simple as that. You know, data. What it means from the perspective of your data. Don't get caught in the sense of all these different companies coming. I will give you the X, the Y, the Z. And it will be implemented in no time. And tomorrow you will be a hundred points higher in your revenue. No, it takes time to evolve. So get into the detail, understand, take the buzzwords out….Don't get caught in all these buzzwords and be just another soundbite.”

    “So process is extremely important because you need to be extremely efficient. How do you move these boxes? How do you put the products in the right place? How you pick, how you pack, how you send them out, and how you get them to the hospital, the clinic, the pharmacy, and on top of it, the bill of materials, just to make sure that your inventory is correct. And you have one, two, three, little boxes. It's a massive operation of distribution and logistics. So, key thing, SAP, big back office operation, heavily driven by process. If you don't follow the process, you will create a lot of disruption and a lot of unwanted friction that has a direct impact on how quickly you can deliver these things.”