Redefining Business Workflows and Orchestration in Manufacturing


Episode Summary

In this episode, Markus Zirn and Kerrie Jordan expertly navigate the latest breakthroughs in business automation and AI. Kerrie shares invaluable insights into innovative business solutions, the role of user-friendly tools like Epicor's Automation Studio, and the potential impact of generative AI. Emphasizing the importance of industry-specific solutions, Kerrie reveals the benefits of democratizing access to automation across organizations. Kerrie advises on developing industry-specific AI applications that go beyond generic automation, focusing on delivering tailored solutions that add significant value to each unique industry.

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    • The importance of user-friendly automation tools: In the hustle of today’s business world, having user-friendly automation tools is a game-changer as a company undergoes digital transformation. They simplify tasks, keep operations running smoothly, and supercharge efficiency.

    • The disruptive potential of Generative AI: Generative AI can completely revolutionize the way we work. With endless possibilities, it could lead to substantial increases in productivity across organizations.

    • Tailored automation for your industry: Forget one-size-fits-all automation. It should be about crafting solutions that fit your industry like a glove. We're talking about value-driven solutions created through collaboration with customers—because who knows your industry better than you?

    • Fostering 'citizen integrators' for agile operations: Meet the 'citizen integrator'— Kerrie defines them as anyone in the office, regardless of their role, who can step up and build integrations. It's all about letting everyone pitch in to create automated workflows, making the whole business run smoother and faster.

  • About Kerrie

    About Kerrie

    Kerrie Jordan is the Group Vice President, Product Management at Epicor. In her role, Kerrie leads the strategic direction of Epicor’s cloud-enabled solutions to ensure they continue to deliver high-value innovation, security, and performance for Epicor customers. Based in Richmond, Virginia, she brings nearly two decades of experience in ERP, supply chain, eCommerce, cloud computing, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, manufacturing, distribution, and product development business solutions. As the leader of the strategic direction of Epicor’s cloud-enabled solutions, Kerrie ensures the delivery of high-value innovation, security, and performance for their customers.

  • Top Quotes

    Top Quotes

    “When you have a business leader that is looking to build this integration, they don't want to, and shouldn't have to, know the very technical details. Rather, it could be a recipe-based, drag-and-drop type of experience. And then what that does is it democratizes access to automation. It allows for so many more opportunities.”

    “We've come to call our users citizen integrators. And that's because it's really open to anybody…So, by enabling our citizen integrators, we're enabling the entire organization, the business leaders, not just IT, to be able to build those integrations, to manage the flow of data, to create really strong and compelling competitive advantages that they might not otherwise have had the opportunity to do so. So, when we enable those citizen integrators, those that really have a keen understanding for how data is leveraged across the organization and how, better yet, it could be leveraged. Then, we're really taking our solutions to the next level for these industries.”