Data-Driven Operations: Composition, Orchestration, and Account-Based Marketing

Hillary Carpio, Senior Director, Growth Marketing at Snowflake
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Episode Summary

In this episode, Markus Zirn and Hillary Carpio delve into the dynamic world of Account Based Marketing (ABM). Leveraging her extensive experience, Hillary provides a peek into the strategies propelling Snowflake's market dominance. Drawing insights from her book 'Busting Silos', she illuminates the transformative power of automation, orchestration, and a profound understanding of human behaviors in modern marketing. Exploring Snowflake's unique ABM approach, they unravel the creation of their internal ABM platform and delve into the pivotal role of data and AI in shaping the future marketing landscape. Hillary shares her passionate advocacy for customer-centric methodologies, alongside invaluable advice for aspiring ABM leaders, unlocking the full potential of ABM in their endeavors.

  • Episode Key Takeaways

    Episode Key Takeaways

    • Solve genuine problems: Transform existing processes by identifying authentic pain points. Dive deep to understand the intricacies, ensuring your solutions yield impactful outcomes.

    • Always put your customer first: Keep your customers front and center. Navigate through complexities while ensuring your solutions meet their practical needs, not just technical requirements.

    • The future of marketing lies in technology: Embrace the technological revolution in marketing. Explore the power of generative AI and other emerging technologies to streamline processes and personalize interactions, propelling your strategies into the future of innovation.

    • Flexibility is Key: Adapt and thrive in the ever-changing digital realm. Stay agile, iterate on your strategies, and embrace new data inputs to continuously improve and scale your efforts for success.

  • About Hillary Carpio

    About Hillary Carpio

    Hillary is the Senior Director of Growth Marketing at Snowflake. Hillary is an award-winning B2B Marketer, best known for her leadership and innovation in Account Based Marketing. She spearheaded the ABM function at Snowflake through its record-breaking IPO, creating multi-tiered strategies and integrated cross-functional processes to scale for hypergrowth. In addition to her leadership role at Snowflake, her experience spans Fortune 1000 organizations, NetApp and Fortinet, as well as go-to-market advisory via VCs and startup advisory boards. Hillary’s superpower is her ability to activate cross-functional teams toward a common goal to multiply their impact together. She resides in the Silicon Valley with her husband, David, spends most free time with power tools on DIY home projects, and is a proud San Diego State Aztec.

  • Top Quotes

    Top Quotes

    “You can create a great orchestrated product. But if sales isn't on board, if SDRs aren't on board, if the creative team isn't on board… Everybody has to be on board to believe in this vision that you're executing, you can't just execute against something that nobody wants to be a part of. So at the end of the day, it has to be business-focused. It has to be outcome-focused. And the tool or the platform just becomes a mechanism to help you get to that goal faster.” – Hillary Carpio

    “We want to be able to connect to anything. We want to orchestrate across any part of the business that may or may not even be related to ABM. That turned into a quest where we built an internal ABM platform, where we now have a single source of truth for all of sales.” -Hillary Carpio