Accelerate Business Velocity by Decentralizing AI and Automation

Gabriel Enright, Principal Integration Architect at Vodafone

Episode Summary

In this episode, Markus Zirn sits down with Gabriel Enright to explore the dynamic intersection of automation and AI for large implementations in the telecom industry. Gabriel shares his philosophy and Vodafone’s strategic approaches, delving into the integration of different systems, the goal of streamlining processes, and the evolving role of AI within the business. He discusses how business complexities can be handled through automation, and how an early adoption of AI can be a game-changing strategic advantage. Gabriel advises listeners on the 'shift left' approach, focusing on customer outcomes by decentralizing automation tools, empowering non-technical teams and citizen automators, yet maintaining centralized governance.

  • Episode Key Takeaways

    Episode Key Takeaways

    • Scalability through automation and AI: Embracing automation and AI opens new horizons for business scalability. However, unlocking this potential demands the collective creativity of our employees to redefine how we use automation.

    • AI as a collaborator, not just an application: Considering AI another person within the organization can transform our approach to its use. This can lead to a clearer understanding of the outcomes achievable through automation and integration with AI.

    • Handling complexity with automation: Automation is a powerful tool for managing inherent complexity in business operations. Leveraging automation allows organizations to effectively navigate intricate business processes, ultimately enhancing both employee and customer experiences.

    • Decentralize the tools, centralize the governance, and “shift left”: In this rapidly changing landscape, organizations must adapt. This inclusive strategy aims to decentralize automation, allowing individuals beyond the technical team to participate in integration and automation.

  • About Gabriel

    About Gabriel

    Gabriel is the Principal Integration Architect at Vodafone. He has over 25 years of leadership experience in defining, designing, and implementing “carrier grade” enterprise software solutions for multinationals, corporations, and governments in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Asia. He designed major transformation programs for full-service telecommunications carriers, aviators, media giants, and banks. This includes the development of multi-domain reference architectures, road maps, and target operating models. Gabriel also served on design authorities as an Enterprise Architect and played an active role in reviewing and aligning projects to the reference architecture and ICT roadmap. Gabriel works directly with onsite and remote (India, Eastern Europe) technical teams in a hands-on capacity to produce detailed design specifications and task execution instructions while configuring the DevSecOps tool chains for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

  • Top Quotes

    Top Quotes

    “Decentralize the tool and centralize the governance because governance works across everything. Everyone should be on the same playing field. But what we do need to do is decentralize the effort to produce the services and also decentralize the execution.”

    “The goal is to get the business and the citizen automators more involved in the work and doing the work. Put the accountability and the responsibility out to them.”