Live from the Nasdaq Center: The 2024 AI and Automation Trends


Episode Summary

In this special episode, Markus Zirn is joined by a distinguished panel of AI and automation leaders: Harish Surendranath from Amazon Web Services, Jia Li from LiveX AI, and Jeff Thomas from NASDAQ. They delve deep into the transformational power of advanced AI technologies, exploring how generative AI is altering the landscape of business processes and workforce dynamics. From enhancing customer experiences to supercharging back-office operations, they shine a light on the myriad ways AI is redefining the enterprise world. Tune in to gain top insights into the AI revolution, the rise of generative AI, and how adopting an 'automation mindset' plays a crucial role in staying ahead of the curve.

  • Episode Key Takeaways

    Episode Key Takeaways

    • Generative AI’s potential to revolutionize multiple sectors: Harish hammers home the breadth of generative AI's influence. Reinventing customer experiences and enhancing employee productivity, AI's scope of application is radically diverse and impactful. He offers a glimpse into Amazon's responsible AI strategy and how the tech giant is using custom silicon to enhance the price-performance ratio for AI applications. 

    • Generative AI democratizes innovation: Jia highlights the power of generative AI in lowering barriers to entry, and 'augmenting' human capabilities. She shares insights from her work in Google Cloud AI and her current endeavors at LiveX AI, particularly how AI is set to impact the myriad aspects of everyday life. 

    • The power of AI in streamlining operations: Jeff underscores NASDAQ's strategic use of AI to augment productivity, foster product innovation, and streamline processes. Emphasizing the importance of staff training and robust governance mechanisms, he points out the key role these factors play in safeguarding trust and ensuring responsible implementation of AI.

  • Speakers


    Harish Surendranath: Head of AI & ML Technology Partnerships at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Jia Li: Co-founder, Chief AI Officer & President at LiveX AI

    Jeff Thomas: Executive Vice President, Nasdaq

  • Top Quotes

    Top Quotes

    “I think we are going to see augmentation of productivity and the workforce being more productive thanks to AI. And I think we don't know what the long, long, long term impact of this would be, but I think one constant throughout our history has been human ingenuity. So I'm sure. There will be higher value tasks, even higher value than what we are doing today for humans to do and for our AI sort of assistants or co-pilots to kind of help us along the way. So I'm an optimist as well.” - Harish Surendranath

    “I think we kind of think about generative AI in two ways at Nasdaq. One, we think about how we can integrate it in our products. And then the second area is how we can use it on our business. And so, when we think about generative AI in the products, it's how can we change the user experience? How can we change the productivity gains that our customers get out of our products and solutions?” - Jeff Thomas