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Customize your Percolate integration with the following triggers and actions.

What’s a recipe?


When this happens…

  • Deleted object Real-time
    Deleted object in Percolate
  • New object Real-time
    New object in Percolate
  • New or Updated object Real-time
    New or updated object in Percolate


Do this…

  • Check content workflow step
    Check content workflow step in Percolate
  • Copy asset
    Copy an asset in Percolate
  • Create object
    Create a object in Percolate
  • Custom action
    Custom action in Percolate
  • Download asset
    Download an asset in Percolate
  • Get object details by ID
    Get object details by ID in Percolate
  • Search objects
    Search for objects in Percolate
  • Update object
    Update a object in Percolate
  • Update object's production workflow step
    Update object's production workflow step in Percolate
  • Upload asset
    Upload an asset in Percolate
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Rated #1 in Customer Experience and Innovation
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