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Customize your Archive Manager (Email capyure and archive) and PartnerStack integration with the following triggers and actions.


When this happens…

  • New event Real-time
    Monitor record event in PartnerStack
  • Any other trigger you can think up


Do this…

  • Approve/decline application
    Approve or decline an application in PartnerStack
  • Assign partner team member to record
    Assign partner team member to record in PartnerStack
  • Convert Object
    Convert record in PartnerStack
  • Create record
    Create record in PartnerStack
  • Create Transaction
    Create a transaction record in PartnerStack
  • Custom Action
    Custom action in PartnerStack
  • Delete record
    Delete record in PartnerStack
  • Get record
    Get record in PartnerStack
  • Get record attachment details
    Get record attachment details in PartnerStack
  • Get record attachment list
    Get record attachment list in PartnerStack
  • Modify tags
    Modify tags in PartnerStack
  • Search records
    Search records in PartnerStack
  • Update record
    Update record in PartnerStack
  • Update stage
    Update stage for record in PartnerStack
  • Any other action you can think up

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*Currently this app does not have a designated connector. Workato can connect with any 3rd party application with publicly available APIs.

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