‘RPA Fatigue’ is real.

Go beyond RPA. Advance to Enterprise Automation.
“If you look at the human body, the RPA tools are all fingers; the brain is my AI/ML platform, which provides insights; and Workato is the nervous system.”

Head of product management,
digital infrastructure

Goodbye, RPA. Enterprise Automation is the now and the future.

Learn about the six stages of the maturity journey every Enterprise should go through.

This ensures greater ROI from automations as they inevitably grow more complex.

Why automation technologies continue to be piecemeal

What sets us apart? Enterprise Integration + Automation is in our DNA.

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    Pure SaaS Enterprise Automation platform that can bring data, process, and experience together at scale.


    Future-proof automation that doesn’t crash with every change and doesn’t require heavy maintenance like RPA bots.

  • speed

    Bring your automations to market faster and see a high ROI quickly with our easy-to-use platform.


    With no infrastructure costs and lower implementation and maintenance costs, Workato is more affordable than traditional RPA platforms.

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