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How WWE used Workato to meet a pressing migration deadline


Chetanprakash (CP) Heda Senior Director of Business Solutions, WWE

We started our journey with Workato sometime in September last year, and within eight months, we tripled our recipe count.

Chetanprakash (CP) Heda Senior Director of Business Solutions, WWE


  • Urgent migration deadline
  • Unsustainable custom code
  • Inaccessible integrations

Chetanprakash (CP) Heda, Senior Director of Business Solutions at WWE, had an urgent deadline to meet. The team had about 10 weeks until Shopify, its replacement for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, needed to go live, which gave the team just 8 weeks until integration testing. He needed a solution fast.

The migration to Shopify was a critical project for the business, which meant it required high reliability—there was no room for downtime. CP quickly nixed the idea of writing custom code, since it would introduce unnecessary risk to the project and demand much of his team's time.

Meanwhile, CP was managing over 125 systems that were all connected using custom code, a number that had continued to accumulate as his team adopted new SaaS and cloud platforms. CP wanted to simplify this backlog of code for greater efficiency.

He knew that an automation platform was the only way to complete the Shopify migration on time, reduce time spent maintaining custom code and custom integrations, and further WWE’s mission of increased citizen development with a user-friendly platform.


  • Get cross-functional alignment
  • Implement automation platform
  • Give demos to business users

CP knew that citizen development required a user-friendly automation platform—and everybody’s buy-in. During the evaluation of Workato, CP brought in all relevant technology and business teams to sign off on Workato.

At one point during the evaluation, CP attempted to teach a fellow employee how to build Workato recipes, but the employee stopped him, “I got it, I don’t need any help.” That was the clincher for CP; he knew that Workato would be intuitive enough to support many business lines.

As a final note, Workato’s simplistic pricing structure allowed CP to better sell the platform internally. It was easy to demonstrate ROI, not only for the immediate need of the Shopify migration, but for automation use cases across the business.


  • 3x recipe count in 8 months
  • Achieved timely migration
  • Accelerated processes

After just four weeks of using Workato, CP began receiving requests to adapt Workato to specific business use cases. This was unprecedented for CP, who was accustomed to more gradual adoption. Within just eight months, WWE had tripled their Workato recipe count.

Not only was CP able to meet the Shopify migration deadline on time, but his team has since taken on a host of new automation use cases. This includes migrating from JD Edwards to Workday, managing the WWE mobile app, conducting a return-to-office initiative in light of the pandemic, and more.

Perhaps best of all, CP has been able to standardize the legacy code that underpinned integrations for 125+ systems, resulting in more efficient coordination and maintenance. Now, WWE has a much higher level of confidence in scaling its applications.

The involvement on the business end has made the investment in Workato that much more fruitful. Business teams across WWE have been delighted by the impact that automation has made in their day-to-day work and are eagerly strategizing with CP and his team on new projects.

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