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How IC-Verzekeringen used automation to accelerate its migration from on-premise to cloud platforms


Marc Buntinx IT Manager, IC-Verzekeringen

We have migrated our data that we needed in Salesforce with Workato, which gives us very good control over what we’re doing.

Marc Buntinx IT Manager, IC-Verzekeringen


  • Huge migration project
  • Siloed data
  • Inefficient case handling

Marc Buntinx, an IT Manager at IC-Verzekeringen, was preparing for a huge data migration. The company wanted to transition from on-premise storage to cloud-based platforms, with specific interest in Salesforce—the cloud CRM would allow the team to better manage its non-profit insurance clients.

To do so, Marc was prepared to hand code connections using SQL. This certainly wasn’t an impossible task for an IT Manager, but Marc was prepared for lots of long days—he didn’t have a large team to assist him, and knew that the migration would divert him from day-to-day IT operations.

While the data migration was a promising first step, it wouldn’t solve all of their problems. Even on cloud platforms, data would still be siloed across various applications and difficult to reconcile for case handling. Ideally, Marc wanted data to be easily accessible across multiple locations.

In order to expedite IC-Verzekeringen’s critical data migration and ease some of the challenges that come with collecting multiple data points for case handling, Marc set out to find a solution.


  • Kick-off automation evaluation
  • Prioritize ease of use
  • Look beyond SFDC integration

When it became clear that an automation platform would solve the team’s needs, Marc conducted a full evaluation of the top tools on the market. He ruled out one option straight away by its price and complicated nature. Another option had a strong Salesforce connector, but little else.

Workato was the clear winner. Marc was impressed by its breadth of connectors, in particular to Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365, and its ease of use, which would allow non-technical employees to access the data they need for case handling.

Finally, though it wasn’t initially on the must-have list, Workato could aid in monitoring cybersecurity attacks by alerting Marc via email of any files that had been compromised or automations that hadn’t been completed. All in all, Workato solved a multi-faceted problem with a single platform.


  • Seamless data migration
  • Increased efficiency levels
  • Improved claims processing

After implementing Workato, Marc ran into a small hiccup—he was missing a critical object in the Workato SFDC connector (InsurancePolicy object.) However, the Workato team jumped into action and developed it quickly, which immediately impressed Marc with their quality of customer service.

Since then, Marc has been able to complete the data migration with ease. What he loves most is the level of control that Workato offers him—it’s not just an integration tool, but it allows Marc to schedule exactly when data should be transferred, with clear indications about the success of the move.

Though Workato hasn’t expanded out to other teams yet, Marc is confident that Workato’s usability will allow non-technical users to move and access the data they need for case handling. He’s already seen huge efficiency gains with the migration, and expects an even bigger jump with broader adoption.

Finally, Workato has ensured that this data migration doesn’t consume Marc’s daily activities; with close monitoring, he’s able to both complete a critical project for the company and remain diligent to ongoing operational IT tasks.

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