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Why Cycle & Carriage chose Workato to speed up digital transformation


Ding Woei Head of Rewards & HR Technology

My favorite thing about automating this with Workato is that it runs on its own. I don’t need someone to oversee or manage it, and yet I can be 100% confident in the process.

Ding Woei Head of Rewards & HR Technology


  • Management of employee rewards passes was too manual and cumbersome
  • Deliveries took time and were at risk of losses and delays
  • Value of passes were not fully utilized

As Head of Rewards & HR Technology at Cycle & Carriage, Ding Woei’s goal is to make processes more efficient, make information more accessible, and enable self-reliance for their employees.

A long-running employee rewards program Ding currently oversees is one that lets employees and their families visit tourist attractions in Singapore at no cost. However, this process hinged on physical passes that the company bought, which led to several challenges for Ding and the rewards team.

The C&C HR Rewards had to account for the employee passes at all times, manually tracking which ones were in use and which weren’t, so that employees could make their reservations smoothly.

Deliveries took time and were at risk of losses and delays. C&C operates at multiple locations across the island. A delivery team had to transport the passes from the rewards team to employees making the reservations on time, and back again so the pass could be used by the employee who’s next in-line.

Values of passes were not fully utilized. While the passes were being delivered, there would be a 3-day downtime during which no reservations could be made with them, which meant the company was not reaping the full value of the price paid for the passes.

Ding Woei and her team needed a better way to manage the process, so that the C&C employees could leverage on the employee rewards system, and so that they could enhance the employee experience with a more efficient booking system.


  • Digitalize employee rewards passes
  • Automate the booking process by connecting Workday and Workplace via Workbot for Workplace

The C&C HR Rewards Team used Workato to connect Workday and Workbot for Workplace on the backend. Now, reservations can be made directly via Workbot, at any time. Once the reservation date is confirmed, employee data is pulled from Workday and populated on a digital pass which is sent directly to the employee via Workbot.


  • Immediate ROI from eliminating downtime
  • Zero-error rate when booking passes
  • No. of unique bookings increased
  • Cost savings on manpower

The company saw an increase in the number of unique bookings as employees now have 24/7 access to the booking platform via Workbot for Workplace. The HR Rewards team was also able to optimize their resources, as the solution eliminated manual cross-checking and logistics management, and manpower is deployed more efficiently.

Ding is pragmatic when it comes to digital transformation. Still, she’s excited about the possibilities Workato brings, and keen to explore how Workato can help to optimize other small, everyday processes.

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