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How Chrysalis used automation to meet OSHA and HIPAA compliance


Rich Slack President, Chrysalis

With Workato, I was able to use the sandbox and easily create a connector. I was able to do it and understand how things worked. And now, if something's broken, I understand the flow and how to fix it.

Rich Slack President, Chrysalis


  • Missing employee data
  • High compliance risk
  • Inflexible integrations

Rich Slack, president at Chrysalis, was struggling to transfer data from HR platform Paylocity to Salesforce. Specifically, he needed to ingest employee training and certification requirements from Paylocity into Salesforce so that they could be mapped to employee profiles as to-do items.

The accuracy of this information is particularly important at Chrysalis. As a company that employs thousands of caregivers, each of whom handles sensitive healthcare data, having up-to-date records of completed trainings and certificates for all employees is required in order to meet compliance.

Initially, Rich adopted an integration platform to streamline this data transfer. But he quickly ran into a roadblock—he couldn’t modify the initial connector that the company had built for him. The platform’s interface was simply too complex and required custom SDKs beyond Rich’s scope of work.

As a result, a mere basic level of information was synced between Salesforce and Paylocity and, more importantly, not all trainings and certifications were logged. This left the company wide open for compliance risks and added a huge amount of manual work to the HR team’s plate.


  • Replace integration platform
  • Prioritize ease of use
  • Increase automation

As Rich began his search for a new solution that would replace his overly technical (and therefore, unusable) integration platform, ease of use was top of mind. He needed a solution that would allow him to better understand his data flow and quickly make corrections.

Workato was immediately a standout choice. After just a few hours with Workato, Rich was not only able to recreate what he’d done with his previous integration platform—but surpass it.

Not only could he ensure that all data was synced between Paylocity and Salesforce, but Rich could also automate compliance alerts in Salesforce that would remind employees of uncompleted trainings or certifications. Rich was hooked, and Workato became a staple technology.


  • Trusted, synced data
  • 100% OSHA and HIPAA compliant
  • Ability to make quicks fixs

Workato has allowed Rich—and the entire company—to breathe a sigh of relief. Gone are the days of crossing fingers that all employees went through the proper trainings and completed their certifications; now, all employee data is updated in real time and any uncompleted requirements are made clear.

Even better, Workato nudges employees that haven’t completed trainings or certifications with automatic reminders. The percent of employees in compliance has risen dramatically as a result, which, in turn, reduces Chrysalis’ compliance risk.

Workato has also relieved the HR team from hours of manual cross-referencing between Paylocity and Salesforce, as well as the hours spent chasing down employees to complete their unfinished trainings or certifications. The HR team has since redirected those lost hours to business-critical work.

For Rich, one of the best things about Workato is the autonomy it’s given him. He no longer feels stuck with a complex integration that he can’t change, but instead can easily monitor and adjust Workato recipes whenever needed.

Given the success of Workato, Rich already has plans to automate the employee offboarding process at Chrysalis, which would continue to alleviate manual work for the HR team.

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