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Learn how Biopak used automation to reduce document processing time by 90%


Jan Cerny Chief Technology Officer

We were able to cut down the processing time by 90% using Workato. It was truly amazing to see the scalability of using Workato as an automation integration platform.

Jan Cerny Chief Technology Officer


  • Document processing was too manual
  • Had at least 1,000 purchase orders to process weekly
  • Spent up to 30 mins to process each order

As a company that manufactures sustainable packaging, BioPak interacts with many different suppliers and customers, which involves processing and managing purchase order forms and invoices.

The BioPak sales team was manually processing purchase orders and creating individual sales orders in Netsuite.

Jan Cerny, Chief Technology Officer at BioPak, and his team were on the hunt for a solution to help the sales team with document processing.

They needed an efficient way to process these documents, as their sales team was manually processing at least 1,000 purchase orders weekly, and they spent up to 30 minutes processing each order.


  • Automatically process and parse documents
  • Connect Docparser to Netsuite via Workato

The BioPak IT team used Workato to build the integration between Docparser and Netsuite. Now, data is automatically extracted from the documents, transformed according to BioPak’s requirements, and individual customer sales orders are automatically created within Netsuite. The Workato recipe also runs validation checks to ensure that the required data is mapped to the correct customer.

A notification is sent to the BioPak sales team for a final check, before the sales order is made available to the warehouse for fulfillment.


  • Significant time savings
  • Eliminate manual processing of documents
  • Focus on higher-value tasks

Now that BioPak’s documents are automatically parsed and transformed to their needs, the team has more time to refocus their priorities on other work.

They’re currently looking to expand the document processing automation to other departments like Finance, to help automate account receivables, payables, and large volumes of documents from suppliers and customers. Their goal is to remove any manual involvements and free up human capital to focus on higher value activities

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