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Rapid Modernization with no-code automation


Chris Warren Head of Technology

What used to take days now takes minutes. The employees who previously had to review and fix the data no longer need to, and can focus on higher-value, more fulfilling tasks.

Chris Warren Head of Technology


  • Legacy systems were outdated
  • Manual data management was inefficient and lacked data accuracy
  • Heavily dependant on IT teams

When Chris Warren took over as Head of Technology at Australian Medical Association (AMA), his biggest goal was to shift to the cloud and adopt modern architectures, in order to adopt efficiencies across the board.

This was easier said than done, as the AMA was a mature organization with many history processes and legacy systems that needed to be modernized in order to increase efficiency and performance.

They needed an easy way to sync member data updates and create new accounts for members, between Mailchimp, AMA’s communication platform of choice, and the federal database.

Additionally, the AMA also needed to connect their federal database with the databases of other states to facilitate better data accuracy.

The team was doing it with outdated tools that did not provide the functionalities that were needed, which were complex and hard to adapt. This meant that no one outside of IT could use the tools, and IT had to be involved throughout the process.


  • Sync and update member data between systems
  • Connect Mailchimp to AMA’s legacy database
  • Connect all of AMA’s database across Australia

In just two days, the AMA DevOps team used Workato to build the integration between their database and Mailchimp. Now, data is automatically extracted from both their legacy database and Mailchimp, transformed according to AMA’s requirements, and synced between the systems. Records are automatically updated (or created, in the case of new members).

In two weeks, the AMA DevOps team built a proof of concept that connected their federal database with the databases of the other eight AMA branches across Australia to automate the data cleaning and syncing process.


  • Increased data accuracy
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Enhanced member experience

Now that membership data is automatically updated in real-time instead of weekly or monthly, the team can refocus their priorities on other work.

In addition, members are also notified about their membership accounts within minutes instead of having to wait up to a month. Using Workato, AMA was able to move away from legacy systems to a modern best-in-breed marketing platform.

They’re currently in the process of refining the automatic data sync workflow between federal and state databases, which is expected to automate the entire process, improving the membership experience and freeing up significant human capital to focus on higher value activities.

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