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For Customers adopting Workday for their HR needs, there are various integrations which have to be done to be successful in their workday implementations. They will also have varying business processes and applications they need to integrate with Workday. This is where Workato’s HR Accelerator comes in.

Workday HR Accelerator is the first Application-specific accelerator built by Workato. It provides customers with various design patterns, recipes and even end-to-end use cases they can start using within their Workday implementations. The recipes are built keeping in mind that Customers will have different systems they might want to use with Workday for both Inbound and Outbound data Integrations.

Workato’s Workday HR accelerator supports three main use cases:

  • Data Load

  • Onboarding

  • Recruiting

  • Common Functions and Triggers

Customizable and Extensible

The accelerator is built to be highly customizable and extensible, to allow Customers to add or replace third-party applications, and customize mappings based on their needs.

Data Load - Use Case

This accelerator can be used to load data from Workday to a Snowflake data warehouse (It can be replaced with any database/ data warehouse). This accelerator takes into consideration possible scenarios of data load - single record, batch and bulk data sync. Used can leverage any one or more pattern to suit business requirements around Workday integration.

Onboarding - Use Case

Onboarding is one of the most common use cases around Workday. Onboarding often involves provisioning of applications and equipment to the new hire to help them perform their duties as soon as possible.. This accelerator makes it easier to go-live with this use case by providing pre-built recipes and related assets, thereby making the onboarding process smoother and efficient. The destination systems (Active Directory, JIRA, Salesforce) can be easily replaced with similar systems in your technology landscape.

Recruiting - Use Case

These are a set of Use Cases with recipes to integration end-to-end with Greenhouse for Hiring and Position Sync. These are built keeping in mind that Customers might want to change or add a different system (to replace Greenhouse), and hence the design is modular and the Workday Functions can be reused as needed.

Functions and Triggers - Templates

A set of Recipe (triggers) and Functions that can be plugged into Customers integrations. These are templates for various Workday HR functionalities that can be customized with required mappings and Source or Target Systems.

Error Handling and Notifications

Common functions for all Workday HR Integration Error Handling and Notifications. Notifications can be Slack or Email based on customer needs.

Features include:

  • Reduces manual time to implement Workday Integrations
  • Has many reusable functions and triggers
  • Has three end-to-end use cases that are customizable
  • Helps to standardize Workday HR Integrations

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