SAP Order-to-Cash Accelerator


Accelerate order to cash process implementation using SAP S/4 HANA with Salesforce CRM

Robust Solution
Digital Business

Many enterprise customers use SAP as an Order management system while other systems such as Salesforce act as Customer management system. When a deal is finalized in the CRM, the corresponding Sales Order needs to be created in SAP. For creating Sales Order in SAP availability of corresponding objects in SAP such as Material Master data, Business Partner (incl. Role, Address, Address Usage) etc. is prerequisite.  So, we need to make sure corresponding data is created or synced with CRM before creating a Sales Order in SAP. We may also need to provide other master data  such as SAP sales organization details which may or may not be stored in CRM systems.

For SAP integrations, it can be time consuming to build the end to end process and understand and build mapping between SAP and CRM application objects.

Purpose of this accelerator is to provide a quick start to your journey to implement order to cash using SAP and Salesforce. It provides template flow and mappings to create Sales Order in SAP from Salesforce opportunity. It will also provide a way to cross reference data from Salesforce to SAP

Features include:

  • Pre-built recipes for Product / Material Replication from SAP, Customer Replication to SAP, Create Sales Order in SAP
  • Cross reference data is stored in lookup table
  • Ability to select SAP cross reference data based on any field in CRM
  • Configurable notifications based on the lookup table. Supported channels are Slack, MS Teams and Email