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Companies are asking more of their sales teams than ever before. First line managers are asked to achieve higher quotas while dealing with an increasingly competitive talent pool. Meanwhile, sales leaders demand more of sales ops, asking for regular insights into the pipeline so they can effectively forecast results to company executives.

How do these roles achieve what’s being asked? It all starts with the pipeline, which requires an immediate decision. Do I focus on input (pipeline coverage) or throughput (Salesforce data hygiene)? If I incentivize my team to increase pipeline to 3-4x coverage, I can expect pipeline quality to decrease. Conversely, if I focus on data hygiene then I’m asking my reps to trade critical effective selling time to keep the pipeline clean (and likely smaller).

The solution - leverage automation to create pipeline resilience.

Workato’s Sales Process & Forecasting Alignment Accelerator is the first step in bringing your sales force the necessary pipeline updates the moment it's relevant. Never trade crucial selling time for CRM admin work again. Our Enterprise automation platform provides Sales Ops leaders the power to orchestrate exactly when and how to prompt their sales teams to update their pipeline so you can finally trust your forecasts.

Features include:

  • Simple and easy to Install
  • Alerting based on configurations
  • Option to update Salesforce from slack UI
  • Audit for actions performed via accelerator
  • New alerts and notifications can be added with reusing most logic from core recipes
  • Configurable Reminder and Escalation mechanism per alert type
  • Admin add-on to manage configuration and view detailed/summary report for notifications

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