OPA Manager

By Workato

A standardized approach to automate the add agents, manage and troubleshoot OPAs

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This accelerator provides the building blocks needed to administer and manage OPA’s with no IT assistance required.

Enterprise customers with complex OPA deployment have to go through a lot of manual tasks to manage the OPAs like installing, upgrading and also to modify the configuration files whenever there is an update. It requires a good understanding of OPAs to configure these OPAs, it is time consuming and very error prone.

This accelerator is designed to be used as an interface/central dashboard to administer and manage OPA’s, and also to retrieve the logs. This accelerator would help achieve these tasks with ease from a dashboard. There is no access required for a user to log in to servers for managing the OPAs. It will help in getting the logs for troubleshooting or audit purposes, monitor the health of OPAs and reboot the machines out-of-the box. It supports both Windows and Linux including cross OS support.

Features include:

  • Manage OPA’s
    • Start OPA
    • Stop OPA
    • Restart OPA
  • Validate and update configuration files
    • Get Config file
    • Validate Config file
    • Update Config file
  • New OPA configuration
  • Reboot the machines remotely
  • Retrieve logs for troubleshooting

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