MindAssist Solution


MindAssist, a solution developed by Mindfields, automates support ticket creation & bot retriggering for Automation Anywhere A360, helping businesses build resilient automations with Workato's low-code platform.

Robust Solution
Digital Business

The accelerator uses drag-and-drop features of the custom A360 connector built and supported by Mindfields. It monitors bots running in production environments, tracks the status of bots, and as soon as a bot fails, it captures details of the issue and adds them to a new ticket in an ITSM platform. It can then share the ticket via email, Slack, or Teams so that the appropriate stakeholders get alerted quickly.

Post-resolution of the issue, the solution can retrigger the bot directly from the ITSM platform, and the latest deployment details are captured and stored in ticket comments for reference. The recipes in this accelerator are modularly designed, allowing users to choose the components they'd like to use while discarding others that are irrelevant to them.

Features include:

  • 24x7 monitoring of BOTs in production.
  • Tracking and creating a support ticket when a Bot fails.
  • Zero turnaround time for error reporting. Tickets are raised in real-time.
  • In case of repeated BOT failures, the latest bot run details are added to the existing ticket as comments.
  • Triggering Email/Teams/Slack notification upon BOT failures.
  • Retriggering the BOT directly from the support ticket.
  • Capability to prioritize the tickets, allocate to groups and capture custom details of the automated process.