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By Workato

Standardize your marketing campaign process & launch faster with automation

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Leading marketing operations teams launch hundreds to thousands of new campaigns every year. Workato’s Campaign Launch Accelerator empowers marketers to be more productive by democratizing their ability to create new campaigns using a standard format and process. Using a web form automatically populated with your Marketo program templates (Content, Live Event, Trade Show, Webinar, etc), campaign creators input required information mapped from the associated Marketo program’s tokens.

Once all information is submitted, Workato will clone the appropriate program template in Marketo populating all program tokens and scheduling/activating the smart campaigns. Additionally, a corresponding campaign in Salesforce can be auto-created to ensure proper attribution.

The Campaign Launch Accelerator gives marketing operations teams control over campaign creation, ensuring every campaign is launched according to the framework they’ve defined.

Features include:

  • Form-driven automations enable a standard form to trigger the launch of complex integrated marketing campaigns without spending time in each system.
  • Marketing Ops not required to execute any campaign because all of the required Marketo programs and Salesforce campaigns are generated automatically.
  • Customizable attribution usable out-of-the box, but can be tailored for your organization’s unique marketing attribution policies.

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