Automation Training Manager

By Workato

Provide personalized training plans based on individual learning needs

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Digital Business

Organizations are enabling both business and IT teams to build more automations faster with Workato's low-code/no-code platform to propel their business vision forward.

This accelerator provides the building blocks needed to train the employee by generating personalized training plans based on their roles and personas.

People are fundamental to successfully adopting, implementing, and scaling automation across the enterprise. Successful automation adoption requires a learning strategy to develop the necessary skills across your organization. Employee training remains the most popular way to fill technology skills gaps. The Workato Automation Training Manager accelerator equips new users with a level of knowledge that will enable them to make positive contributions toward your goals, within an operating model that works for your organization. To start with, develop an ideal skill map based on identified roles and automation skills for your current maturity level. The skill map will assist in conducting a self-assessment to identify current and desired skill levels and training needs of individuals. You can use the self-assessment data and a skills map to develop role-based training plans that cater to individual needs for enterprise automation.

The framework is built with multiple recipes and lookup tables. It collects all the available Workato learning resources across different platforms like docs, webinars, youtube videos etc and provides them under a single framework. The accelerator generates the personalized training plan based on the trainees role and the self assessment done by them. Once the plan is generated, they can complete the training and update their status to track the progress. Admin can even enroll the teams and invite them to take the training.

Features include:

  • Generate Personalized Training plan
  • Different home page for Admin and Trainee
  • Enroll Team
  • View reports
  • Update training Status
  • Whole Workato learning artifacts at single platform

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