Atlassian Virtual Agent Accelerator


Real-time request fulfilment and response to the users from Atlassian Virtual Agent

Robust Solution
Digital Business

Organisations are enabling both business and IT teams to build more automation faster with Workato's low-code/no-code platform to propel their business vision forward.

Workato's Atlassian Virtual Agent accelerator utilises GenAI with a user interface layer to offer self-service recommendations. This enables immediate fulfilment of real-time requests and responses to users making app provisioning requests through the Atlassian Virtual Agent. The Atlassian virtual agent relies on pre-configured, data-driven intents to automatically decipher user requests and direct them to specific recipes or knowledge base articles deemed relevant by the team. With this Atlassian Virtual Agent, we can assess the user's request, and if the request is about an application provisioning, it will automatically serve that up directly in Slack. All the requests are resolved by the virtual agent in Slack without requiring human intervention.

It provides a set of function recipes that add and update the user's access to applications. These recipes provide the building blocks needed to orchestrate application provisioning. The recipes in this accelerator are modularly designed, allowing users to choose components they’d like to use while discarding others that are not relevant to them.

This approach can be extended to other AI for IT Operations, such as 

  1. Laptop Service Requests

  2. Password Reset

  3. New Jira Project creation

  4. Confluence space creation etc.

Features include:

  • User access validation
  • Approvals for provisioning
  • Create users
  • Add users to groups
  • Adding Licenses
  • Notifications to users on status