App Provisioning Deprovisioning

By Workato

Manage user access to applications Leverage a standardized approach to manage user access to applications

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Organizations are enabling both business and IT teams to build more automations faster with Workato's low-code/no-code platform to propel their business vision forward.

This accelerator provides the building blocks needed to orchestrate employee onboarding/offboarding, as well as app license optimizations.

In today’s world, every organization uses a unique application stack, and has varied business processes to provision/deprovision employee access to different applications. App Provisioning Deprovisioning helps organizations in reducing the bottlenecks to add/update/remove user access to applications when an employee is onboarded/offboarded.

The recipes in this accelerator are modularly designed, allowing users to choose components they’d like to use while discarding others which are not relevant for them. It is a framework used to quickly and confidently provide/remove users' access by providing traceability across applications. It can also be easily replicated and extend the framework to support provisioning/deprovisioning of other applications.

Features include:

  • Create users/deactivate users
  • Add/remove users to groups
  • Transfer data to manager
  • Auto-forward emails to manager
  • Adding/Removing Licenses
  • Track the status of provisioning/deprovisioning and notify instantly if issues occur

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