Actions by LLM Accelerator


Pre-built solution to automate enterprise action with LLM & Workato

Robust Solution
Digital Business

Actions by LLM accelerator is a plug’n play resource that executes the predefined actions in Salesforce, Netsuite and Jira systems based on user’s conversation leveraging LLM and Workato Workbot. The accelerator provides a prompt initiation, reducing the need for extensive upfront development work commonly associated with this framework. Additionally, it can be tailored to align with the application ecosystem of any organization. This accelerator becomes valuable for organizations managing multiple applications, aiming to facilitate user interaction and actions through a chatbot-like interface, all without necessitating users to log in to the individual applications.

Accelerator provides out-of-box support for common actions in supported applications. However, customers shall be able to extend the framework and provide support for action and applications. So, this accelerator is built with a design that applications can be extended or customized with minimum changes.

Features include:

  • Slack/MS Teams Workato Workbot interface for conversation in natural language
  • Pre-defined common actions for Salesforce, NetSuite and Jira
  • Automatic execution for pre-approved actions
  • User workflow to validate data for non pre-approved actions
  • Approval workflow when user needs to perform write action but user doesn’t have permission to do so
  • Option to create ticket for unsupported actions
  • Option to use runtime connection for write actions for better auditability
  • Simple and easy to install