Sync Zendesk and Salesforce seamlessly

Solve all your complex integration challenges with Workato.

Workato’s robust Zendesk-Salesforce Sync gives your sales and support reps a 360-degree view of your customers so they can deliver highly personalized customer experience.

Sync Zendesk and Salesforce seamlessly

Achieve a holistic view of customer info from one place

Sales and support teams are at the forefront of any customer interactions. Use Workato’s Zendesk-Salesforce Sync to get near real-time info from either app instantly, so reps can make informed conversations and focus on providing better experiences, instead of worrying about data duplicates or data errors.

  • Organization / Account sync

    Organization / Account sync

    Automate a bi-directional sync between Zendesk Organizations and Salesforce Accounts. Workato recipes do checks to prevent duplicate Organizations/Accounts from being created.

    If the corresponding records already exist, the records are updated instead. In the case of a Zendesk Organization to Salesforce Account sync, you can also tie back the Salesforce Account ID to the corresponding Zendesk Organization record.

  • Syncing Tickets and Comments

    Syncing Tickets and Comments

    Sync Zendesk tickets and comments to Salesforce cases and comments, and vice versa - seamlessly. Any new comments from either application will be synced over and be tied to the corresponding ticket/case.

  • User / Contact Sync

    User / Contact Sync

    Automatically create/update a Salesforce contact whenever there is a new or updated Zendesk user, or vice versa.

    With Workato recipes, you can fully customize your workflows, for example if account does not exist, syncing the Account associated to the Salesforce Contact over as the Organization in Zendesk, or sending alerts if there is any issue with the sync.

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  • Workato allows us to create a 360° view of each customer and lead. It’s a solution that allows us to scale without having to grow our staff… allowed us to create a more seamless internal experience for different workflows.
    Jazmin Sandoval / Digital Marketing Manager / Logitech
  • Zendesk has proven to be more than just a ticketing system for us and because of Workato, we can set up custom workflows … allowed us to move quickly, and get it built out in time for our launch.
    Deidre Jones / Manager of Service Applications and Technology / iPayment
  • As a growing company with so many initiatives, having Workato as an option [for building integrations] is a great advantage,” she continues. “It enables non-technical staff to create integrations, rather than waiting for developers who are already burdened with a backload of projects.
    Kyoko Zuch / Senior Business Systems Analyst / Puppet
  • Logitech
  • iPayment
  • Puppet

With Workato’s Zendesk-Salesforce Sync, solve your integration problems in a few clicks.

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Why Workato?

  • Enterprise-grade Workflows, No code

    Enterprise-grade Workflows, No code

    With our simple drag-and-drop recipe wizard, you can build simple or complex workflows without having to depend on developers. Workato also provides IT governance, so both technical and non-technical users can be empowered to build integrations collaboratively with appropriate privileges.

  • Holistic view of customers with two-way sync, No duplicates

    Holistic view of customers with two-way sync, No duplicates

    Deliver better customer experiences by giving your team a holistic view of every customer’s info in Zendesk and Salesforce, ultimately allowing support and sales reps to have informed conversations. Recipes also prevent the creation of duplicate records in either application, so reps can focus on closing more tickets and providing better experiences.

  • Power and control

    Power and control

    Your integrations and automated workflows should adapt to your business needs. If you’d like to do more than what’s available in this solution, you can customize your recipes to suit your specific business processes. Workato recipes can handle complex logic and human workflows, conditions and loops, powerful mapping formulas for data transformation, as well as syncing with multiple Salesforce instances.

  • Faster resolutions with near real-time updates

    Faster resolutions with near real-time updates

    Keep your sales and support teams up-to-date at all times. Workato allows you to sync records whenever they happen, so reps get visibility into customers’ issues instantly and can solve them quickly. Sales and Support teams can also collaborate effectively without leaving their app.