Sales Deal Desk Approve deals and log all sales activity in your collaboration tool

Accelerate deals with real-time notifications, speedy approvals, actionable reminders, and automated sales reporting.

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  • Problem

    Logging data in your CRM and approving deals can lead to a bottleneck in sales activity. As a result, deals move more slowly through the pipeline and insights about projections are harder to gather.

  • Solution

    Orchestrate an entire deal desk, including creating quotes and managing approvals, all via chat. Approve deals quickly and get a complete view of your accounts including support tickets, personnel changes, and other relevant activity.

  • Impact

    No need for context switching - significant time saved in logging sales data straight from your chat app. Win more with streamlined deal management and easy-to-access data reporting and insights.

Solution Highlights

  • Allows you to update a deal status in seconds
  • Log all sales activities in a single interface
  • Speedy deal approvals
  • Automated reporting and actionable insights
  • Reminders on key accounts
  • slack ms_teams salesforce

    Approve deals immediately

    Update all of your opportunities and sales records in seconds

  • slack ms_teams salesforce

    A single interface

    Log all sales activities in Slack, leave the messiness of CRMs behind

  • salesforce

    Reporting and insights

    Leverage all logged sales activity to gather data and surface actionable insights

  • calendly slack salesforce

    In-progress reminders

    Track meetings, schedule demos, and know exactly where you stand in a deal

Jay Jamison

Jay Jamison

SVP Products & Strategy, Quickbase
“Workato offers a new future where digital transformation can happen very quickly and provide value in very short periods of time”

Implementation Plan

  • 1

    Discovery & Research

    Discuss best practices from market leaders

    Outcome: Prioritized Automation Plan

  • 2

    Collaborative building

    Outcome: Working Automation

  • 3

    Testing & business unit training

  • 4

    Go live!