Increase your sales efficiency with automation

Get a 360 degree view of your leads. Use Workato to automate the consolidation, triage and prioritization of leads, and easily track your customer touch points to gain customer intelligence and make smarter sales conversations.

  • 360° Customer Intelligence
    360° Customer Intelligence
    Information about your prospects and customers exist on multiple separate systems as they can have many different touch points with your product before contacting sales, like signing up for webinars, calling, live chat etc. With all the info efficiently synced to Salesforce, your sales team will be able to hold intelligent conversations and relevant follow ups.
  • Automated Opportunity Data Population
    Automated Opportunity Data Population
    If you have multiple user acquisition channels, all the leads from various sources should flow into your CRM automatically so sales reps don’t have to manually track them. With Workato, you’ll also be able to orchestrate highly customizable workflows to suit your specific app setup, and at the same time preventing any duplicates.
  • Lead Prioritization
    Lead Prioritization
    Effective lead prioritization will increase sales reps’ talk time by 88%. If your team uses a dialer, having your leads in your CRM updated in real time will ensure that calls are made to the most important leads
  • Quote-to-order
    Sales cycles often include quote and order documents complete with customer signatures. With Workato, you can automate the entire process of secure cloud document storage, electronic signature and linking to the system of record
  • Order-to-cash
    Once the sale is made, the order needs to be processed by your accounting department. Workato takes care of this “order-to-cash” process from your POS or CRM to your Financial system.
  • Customer Onboarding
    Customer Onboarding
    You’ve closed a deal, but your customer needs to be onboarded into your system. Automate the administrative work including the exchange of documents and manual approval steps so you can spend more time selling.
  • Streamlined order fulfillment
    Streamlined order fulfillment
    If your company sells physical products, an order in your CRM needs to be orchestrated via your ERP system. Save time and minimize errors by automating these fulfillment processes.

Streamlining leads for a more effective sales team

Our Sales team use Workato to solve the problem of fragmentation of leads from multiple sources, allowing them to prioritize and follow up on leads in the most efficient and effective manner.

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How We Hacked Sales
Cherrice Browne
Director of Product Engineering
The R.O.C.K. WOI
“We’ve already seen an increase in sales after the integration. Because all orders are coming through Shopify and going into Salesforce via Workato, I can see everything a customer is doing with us, whether they bought a product online or offline. … The ability to quickly and easily create more targeted email marketing campaigns increased customer spending by 20%.”