More targeted, effective marketing with automation

Execute highly targeted marketing campaigns with real-time segmentation of your leads - sans duplicates - so you can focus on running better marketing programs.

  • Real-time event attendance sync
    Real-time event attendance sync
    Capture any physical event touchpoints or online webinar touchpoints by syncing your leads from Eventbrite or GotoWebinar right into your Marketing Automation app or CRM in real time so they are ready to go when the event finishes.
  • Lead triage and enrichment
    Lead triage and enrichment
    Leads that you are able to enrich with external information are more qualified leads. Workato weaves together insights from any external data providers as well as input forms both from customers and lead development teams into your Marketing automation systems. It can also build a human triage workflow into the automation process.
  • Lead Scoring
    Lead Scoring
    Consolidate all your customer touchpoints into your CRM or marketing automation app so you get visibility into how engaged your customers are. Assign them scores based on the actions they take from the different apps so your sales team can prioritize these leads.

“In just 3 months we’ve cleansed 4.6 thousand leads with Workato. If our apps weren’t integrated it would drastically hinder our work roles as Workato saves 5-10 hours a week and has a much richer integration with Salesforce without any difficult workarounds that would need to happen if we were using other tools.”

Marc Mastrocola, Director of Marketing Operations at

  • Ecommerce 360° customer view
    Ecommerce 360° customer view
    Sync your customer data from your eCommerce engine into your Marketing Automation system to see the impact of your marketing campaigns on your revenues. Easily segment customers to launch highly targeted email campaigns, abandoned shopping cart marketing campaigns, orchestrate VIP marketing programs, and more.
  • Smart follow-ups
    Smart follow-ups
    Individually targeted customer surveys can be highly effective as part of drip campaigns. Automate the triggering of surveys and targeted follow-up based on the responses you get from your survey tools like Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey.

“Workato’s Shopify to Marketo integration makes it possible to measure the full impact of our marketing campaigns without a CRM system. That’s a huge step forward…and Workato made the configuration easy for our team.”

Elihn Glass, Senior Manager of E-Commerce, American Kennel Club

  • Recurring campaigns
    Recurring campaigns
    Orchestrate reminder campaigns that automatically create notifications for your clients’ special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. With these automations set up, you get to increase your upsell and recurring revenues tremendously.
  • Preemptive churn prediction and upsell
    Preemptive churn prediction and upsell
    Your customers have many touch points across your enterprise including support and billing experiences. Integrate those insights back into your marketing automation system and orchestrate relevant campaigns to prevent churn and optimize upselling.

Streamlining leads for a more effective marketing team

Our marketing team use Workato to solve the problem of fragmentation of leads from multiple sources, allowing them to prioritize and launch different engagement campaigns in the most efficient and targeted manner.

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How We Hacked Sales
Marc Mastrocola
Director of Marketing Operations
“Workato saves us time, eliminates manual data entry, and saves money. Without our recipes, we would either have to hire people to integrate our apps for us, or pay for an enterprise grade solution – which is a lot more expensive.”