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  • Easily build apps without code

    Easily build apps without code

    Empower IT and business teams to build responsive workflow apps with drag-and-drop ease

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  • Manage every stage of your workflow

    Manage every stage of your workflow

    Quickly create, order, and instrument each stage of your workflow

  • Visually incorporate business logic into your workflows

    Visually incorporate business logic into your workflows

    Use our library of 1200+ prebuilt connectors to combine automated business logic with manual human validation to build robust workflows

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  • Unify your business applications

    Unify your business applications

    Access all of your Workflow applications under a single domain and proactively manage access with users and groups, including SSO Just-in-time provisioning

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  • What is Workflow Apps?

    Workflow Apps enables IT and business teams to easily and quickly build workflow apps without writing code. It helps to streamline workflows and reduce the friction that teams face by empowering them to build end-to-end workflow apps that:

    • Provide user-friendly experience for any workflow (i.e. Approval / Request workflows)
    • Automate well defined processes, involving multiple people and systems
    • Tightly integrate with existing business systems and data.
    • Are available across web, mobile, and chat/collaboration apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams

  • How can Workflow Apps help you?

    Workato provides one platform that includes everything customers need to integrate applications and data, automate business processes, and deliver multi-channel experiences – powered by AI – in order to optimize even the most complex processes end-to-end.

    With Workflow Apps, customers can rapidly build integrated, interactive, enterprise applications to help them achieve business outcomes, including:

    • Improved business agility by being able to rapidly adapt to changing business needs
    • Seamlessly integrate and automate business processes with the ease by connecting to virtually any data source, cloud application, and on-prem legacy system
    • Reduce IT spend and empower business teams and business users to build and extend workflow experiences that solve their unique problems fast
  • What types of applications can you build?

    Workflow Apps is the best choice for well-defined multi-step workflows such as request and approval chains (e.g. access requests, customer or supplier onboarding, or employee on/off-boarding).

    Customers use Workflow Apps to streamline multi-step workflows that often require manual intervention across different applications, systems, and people. Build business process driven apps to eliminate fragmented experiences by creating intuitive UI’s for your processes and automated workflows.

  • What is the difference between Workflow Apps and Workbots?

    Workflow Apps and Workbots are complementary capabilities that when used together, can help organizations deliver seamless multi-channel experiences where the end-user works whether it be web, mobile, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

    Workflow Apps is ideal when used for multi-step, complex, or business critical workflows. For example, approval and request chains that require several people along the process.

    Workbots (Workato chatbots) for Slack or Microsoft Teams are ideal for quick one-off requests, approvals, and/or single-person user interfaces. Examples include, PTO requests/approvals, and querying data in third-party apps.

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