Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.

Apr 28, 2023

Workday’s multi-instance custom objects now supported

Our Workday connector now supports creating, updating, and retrieving not only single-instance custom objects but multi-instance ones too! This means you can attach more than one instance to a parent object, which is handy when you need to add, say, an employee's multiple COVID-19 vaccination records. 

Oh, and we've made these actions much more user-friendly too.

Apr 17, 2023

SAP connector is now SAP certified

Our SAP certification demonstrates that our connector is reliable, secure and efficient for our customers.

This gives organizations and their IT teams confidence that our integration does not pose risks of errors, data inconsistencies, nor security breaches.

Apr 13, 2023

Longer timeouts for API requests

You can now increase timeout durations—from the default 30 seconds, up to 240 seconds for the endpoints that need it. Just note that this works only for endpoints created on the API platform.

Apr 10, 2023

Better quality of service and stability with API throttling

API requests that exceed the workspace’s concurrency limit will no longer be rejected. Instead, when API requests spike, API throttling will come into play. This will delay the requests a little, depending on their size.


Configuration wizard now available for custom actions

With a new configuration wizard, creating custom actions for connectors is now easier. It guides users through the setup—from testing endpoints, and generating schemas, to customizing error messages.


What’s new with connectors: March edition

Picklist errors fixed
We had a little hiccup recently with the way we were handling dependent picklists. It caused 'Something went wrong' errors to pop up across a bunch of our connectors. But don't worry—we've already fixed the bug for all our connectors. 

We now offer a SOQL Filter query that lets you limit the platform events you receive and trigger the right workflows. So, you can focus on what matters most without getting bogged down by a flood of events. 

Our NetSuite connector just got a major upgrade to version 2022_2 of Suitetalk. That means you'll have access to all kinds of new fields and standard objects that come with the latest version. Plus, the connector is now officially "Built for NetSuite" Certified for NetSuite's upcoming 2023.1 release. 

After many iterations to create the right experience, we're thrilled to announce that you can now download and upload attachments to ServiceNow.

SAP Concur
We just upgraded this to use V4 APIs, and have replaced some triggers and actions with new ones to help streamline your workflow. Follow our handy migration guide to make the transition nice and easy. 

SAP SuccessFactors
Our triggers for new and updated objects couldn't handle future-dated changes. But we've now added these fields called 'fromDate' and 'toDate' to both the regular triggers and the batch ones—so you can easily filter for changes.

We've just released batch triggers for some Shopify objects, including customer, order, draft order, and product. So, if you're using any of these objects, take advantage of these batch triggers to design more efficient recipes for processing large volumes. 

This now comes with streaming capability, which means users can upload and download huge amounts of data in OneDrive. It's a game changer for businesses that rely on Microsoft apps, and automate data-heavy tasks with Workato. 

Our Workato Webhooks Connector now supports query parameters for incoming webhooks. This means you can now include custom query parameters in your webhook URLs, which will help you get even more specific with your data.


Workato Event Streams (PubSub) message size now higher at 512KB

For instances that need a higher payload capacity, the message size for Workato Event Stream events has been increased to 512KB.

Mar 11, 2023

On-prem Agent (OPA) 2.18.0 release

  • Security: Java Runtime Environment upgraded to version 17.0.6+10
  • Security: PostgreSQL JDBC upgraded to version 42.5.4
  • JMS: redelivery options for ActiveMQ added, by default number of retries now unlimited
  • Debug: full certificate details now print when TLS handshake fails
  • Windows: default encoding changed to UTF-8
  • Windows: updated with the latest Windows service wrapper library

See OPA Release Notes in docs.

Mar 7, 2023

API Clients enhanced

We introduced API Clients for Developer APIs this January, which allows users to grant clients granular role and project-based app access. It’s now enhanced with:

  • IP Whitelisting
  • Developer APIs to manage API clients
  • Support for project-level lookup tables, project properties, API Platform collections and API Platform Clients
  • Recipe Operator connector support for API Client tokens

See API Clients’ documentation for more.

Mar 2, 2023

More audit controls for workspace security

More audit events have been added, to track changes to a workspace’s security and permissions settings.

This allows admins more visibility to troubleshoot changes.

See the full list of account activities tracked.