Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.


New Customization Features for Workflow Apps

Our Workflow Apps just got more customizable with a number of new enhancements including:

Markup support - Customize text components with multi-line rich text created with simple markup syntax.

Embedding settings - Control where and how the apps portal can be embedded into other applications.

Worfklow Apps Connector - The workflow apps connector has been updated to support dynamically selecting group ID, allowing users to share the same task logic between groups.

Column customization - Control which data table columns are shown to which users, ensuring users are only presented with relevant information.


Platform Connector Updates: July 2023

Our platform connector team has been hard at work making sure our connectors remain updated and secure.

Highlights of recent changes include:

  • Airtable: Now supports OAuth2 as API key authentication is being deprecated.
  • Quickbooks: Token exchange prevents connection from going stale due to expireing refresh tokens.
  • Jira: Added support for obtaining the schema of objects dynamically allowing you to easily leverage it in your data replication flows.
  • Wrike: Updated search endpoint and triggers to support new Wrike's new Tasks endpoint.

What’s new with connectors: July 2023 edition

We've released several new connectors in July, including:

SmartRecruiters: Streamline your hiring process with ease.

Zoom Team Chat: Enhance team communication in a snap.

Casavi: Simplify property management workflows.

Abbyy Flexicapture: Accelerate data capture and extraction.

Webcast Event Management: Manage online events seamlessly.

Zoom Contact Center: Revamp your customer service experience.

Cobee: Employee benefits, simplified.

Dialogflow CX: Boost your chatbot capabilities.

Seismic: Empower your sales team with the right content.

Bluepoint: Centralized event management.


Improved Connectors:

Google Analytics: Better insights for your website traffic.

SOAP & Postman: Enhanced web service interactions.

Iress XPLAN & OpenAPI: Streamline financial and development tasks.

Azure Active Directory: Secure and manage identities more efficiently.

Amazon Seller Central & Amazon Dynamo DB: Enhancements for Amazon-centric workflows.

Infor Talent Management: Optimized HR operations.

Jobvite (Custom) & Gmail (Custom): Personalized solutions for recruitment and communication.

Azure DevOps: Development workflow enhancements.

GraphQL: Improved data query capabilities. PageUp & UKG Pro: Advanced HR functionalities.

Aug 1, 2023

Enhanced API Capabilities for Manifests

We're thrilled to announce advancements to the Embedded API via the Export Manifests API. Dive into advanced operations as you "create, retrieve, update, and delete" export manifests. Not only does it handle asset transfers efficiently, but it also kicks off export operations by generating builds and creating package zip files.

Jul 28, 2023

On-prem Agent (OPA) 21.0 release

We've introduced a new versioning scheme, major and minor version numbers only (21.0).

Key updates:

  • MS SQL: Added support for RFC 4180 specification in CSV bulk load.
  • Secrets: Enhanced support for Workato cloud secrets manager and clear secrets cache mechanism. Note: Manual reconnection required for certain connectors after secret rotation.
  • Linux: Added SHA-256 signature support for RPM packages for Red Hat Linux.
  • Usability: Improved agent behavior with the same key connections. First connected agent remains active, others shut down.
  • Windows: Dependency on vcruntime binary removed; installer streamlined.
  • Logging: Reduced log events in debug mode.
  • Extensions: Fixed auto-injection issue with jakarta.inject.Inject annotation.
  • Security: Libraries updated per OWASP recommendations.
  • Monitoring: Telemetry added for asynchronous operations.
  • SAP: Enhanced reliability of metadata load process.

See OPA Release Notes in docs.


Native XSLT Support Now Available in Workato

Introducing native XSLT (eXstensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) support in Workato. Builders can now transform XML documents to various formats using a provided stylesheet, eliminating the need for complex workarounds.

Feature Highlights:

  • Supports XSLT versions up to v1.1.
  • XSLT with parameters and imports/includes supported.
  • Output datapill displays raw transformation results.
Jul 27, 2023

Push notifications to the right teammates

For the right notifications to reach the right people on your team, we’ve added new fields to our email notifications settings.

Jul 27, 2023

Workspace settings now available to admins

Jul 13, 2023

Automate your recipe tests

We’re happy to announce our new capability: test automation! Designed to help you save time and effort spent on manual tests, you can now create test cases to simulate recipe scenarios with mock data, and more

Jul 3, 2023

Automatically revoking accidentally leaked Developer API Tokens

The Developer API Client tokens are now integrated with GitHub’s secret scanning feature. When your API tokens are accidentally committed and found on public GitHub repositories, we will revoke them to block unauthorized access to your Workato workspace, and send your admins an email alert.

Find out more about this secret scanning feature.