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Customize your Guru and Zoom integration with the following triggers and actions.


When this happens…

  • New card
    New card in Guru
  • New member
    New member in Guru
  • Any other trigger you can think up

  • New event Real-time
    Webinar/Meeting/Cloud recording event in Zoom
  • Any other trigger you can think up


Do this…

  • Add member to a group
    Add member to a group in Guru
  • Create card
    Create card in Guru
  • Create tag
    Create tag in Guru
  • Create tag category
    Create tag category in Guru
  • Delete member from a group
    Delete member from a group in Guru
  • Get card details
    Get card details in Guru
  • Get collection details
    Get collection details in Guru
  • Get team stats
    Get team stats in Guru
  • Invite member
    Invite member to Guru
  • List collections
    List collections in Guru
  • List members within a group
    List members within a group in Guru
  • List tag categories
    List tag categories in Guru
  • Remove member
    Remove member in Guru
  • Search cards
    Search cards in Guru
  • Search groups
    Search groups in Guru
  • Update card
    Update card in Guru
  • Any other action you can think up

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  • Custom action
    Custom action in Zoom (Custom)
  • Add group members
    Add group member in Zoom
  • Add registrant
    Add registrants to meeting/webinar/cloud recording in Zoom
  • Create group
    Create group in Zoom
  • Create user
    Create user in Zoom
  • Delete object
    Delete webinar/meeting/cloud recording/group in Zoom
  • Delete users
    Delete user in Zoom
  • Download cloud recording
    Download cloud recording in Zoom
  • Get object by ID
    Get webinar/meeting/cloud recording/group in Zoom
  • Get registrants
    Get registrants for meeting/webinar/cloud recording in Zoom
  • Get user
    Get user in Zoom
  • Get webinar attendees
    Get attendees from webinar in Zoom
  • Retrieve webinar results
    Get results of Q&A/poll from webinar in Zoom
  • List object
    List objects in Zoom
  • Schedule meeting or webinar
    Schedule meeting/webinar in Zoom
  • Search object
    Search webinars/meetings/cloud recordings in Zoom
  • Search users
    Search users in Zoom
  • Update object
    Update webinars/meetings/cloud recordings/groups in Zoom
  • Update registrant status
    Approve/Cancel/Deny registrants for webinars/meetings/cloud recordings in Zoom
  • Update user
    Update user in Zoom
  • Any other action you can think up

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