Intuitive Interface to design, build and manage integrations

Workato helps anyone create integrations and automations, with no programming skills required. Our users range from business users, app admins, business analysts, operations to IT and developers.

  • Recipe IQ
    Recipe IQ
    Workato platform uses machine learning algorithms based on billions of integration events and hundreds of thousands of integration use cases to assist you in building effective integrations and automations.
  • Responsive Integrations
    Responsive Integrations
    Design your workflows as simple and as complex as you’d like with any combination of apps, triggers & actions, conditions, loops, error handling, and more. Change/add new actions anytime.
  • Automate with Clicks not Code
    Automate with Clicks not Code
    Empower technical (e.g. IT/Developers) and non-technical users (e.g. business analysts) to build integrations to automate business processes. The easy to use interface enables everyone to design workflows with no code.
  • 225K+ ready to use community recipes
    225K+ ready to use community recipes
    Jump start your integration by cloning and customizing community recipes. Unlike templates, these are ready to deploy to get you up and running in a few hours - not weeks or months.
  • Reusable integrations
    Reusable integrations
    Easily clone and share integration recipes for faster deployment, improved collaboration. People you share with can easily customize them for their specific needs.
  • Smart Versioning
    Smart Versioning
    Build your integrations iteratively with automatic version control. Rollback to older or upgrade to newer versions - you will never lose any work.

All things iPaaS and more

Workato was built with a single clear vision - democratizing enterprise-class integration. We help you go beyond app-to-app integration and orchestrate powerful workflow automations across the business.

Powerful Integrations need Powerful Connections

The power and value of your integrations will rely greatly on the breadth of connectors and the power of each connector.

  • 400+ Pre-built Connectors for Enterprise Apps

    400+ Pre-built Connectors for Enterprise Apps

    We have built feature rich connectors for 400+ popular cloud and on-premise apps to get you started on your integration journey. No API docs to read or code to write enables faster integrations.
  • Built-in Optimizations

    Built-in Optimizations

    When retrieving large volumes of data, Workato connectors use cursors transparently process data in batch thus optimizing resource consumption (e.g. memory, network traffic)
  • Secure Connectivity for On Premise Apps

    Secure Connectivity for On Premise Apps

    Secure agent for on-premise integration with databases (e.g. MySQL), ERP (e.g. SAP, Microsoft CRM Dynamics) files, applications, and custom apps.
  • Connector customizations, extensions

    Connector customizations, extensions

    The Workato SDK provides the ability to customize any existing connector or build new ones for any API-enabled (REST or SOAP) app.
  • Composite connectors

    Composite connectors

    Workato connectors support multiple triggers and actions. The composite connectors enable consolidation of triggers or actions for an app.
  • Multiple interaction models

    Multiple interaction models

    Workato connectors support multiple interaction models providing the flexibility to implement all your use cases. From polling, real-time webhooks, scheduled or periodic events to on-demand input-based interaction.

Secure, Compliant and Robust platform for Enterprises

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your customers’ information. Build integrations and automations on a platform you can trust.

  • Roles and access controls

    Roles and access controls

    Limit access and permissions of users within teams using predefined or custom roles and access control lists. Further, provision and deprovision users using SSO.
  • Industry standard compliance

    Industry standard compliance

    SOC2 Type II compliance with controls for processing integrity (ensuring system accuracy, completion and authorization), availability, security, confidentiality and privacy. Workato is also GDPR compliant.
  • Take control of your data

    Take control of your data

    The platform provides data security with end-to-end encryption and data privacy with data masking. Further, configurable data retention provides you with the controls to manage how long the data is kept.
  • Monitor and audit usage

    Monitor and audit usage

    Monitoring tools and custom job reports enable admins to track usage, change impact, dependencies. Further admins can also track all activities and access for audit purposes.
  • Centralize Access with SSO

    Centralize Access with SSO

    SAML-based SSO or LDAP integration to centralize the database of users into a single service that controls authorization to all accounts & applications.
  • Governance Console

    Governance Console

    Provides enterprise wide visibility into apps being integrated, data going across the firewall, and usage information for each user. It further provides enforcement of policies to improve security and governance.
Secure, Compliant and Robust platform for Enterprises

Run Time & Operations

In a true multi-tenanted, cloud service, our customers never have to think about provisioning, fault-tolerance, latency or uptime. We take care of all API platform and guarantee that every event will be delivered even if an API goes down.

  • Lossless Pause & Resume
    Lossless Pause & Resume
    Occasionally recipes will need fixing or enhancements, Workato gives you the power to pause the recipes, apply your changes and resume the recipe. Our recipes will process all new events added from the time it was paused without missing a single event.
  • Customizable Job Reports
    Customizable Job Reports
    Provides access to complete history of all jobs run/scheduled and allows set up of custom queries for generating job reports.
  • Advanced Queue Management
    Advanced Queue Management
    Allows increasing throughput with parallel processing by configuring concurrency.
  • Real Time & Batch Processing
    Real Time & Batch Processing
    Run your recipes to process events in real time using API endpoints, webhooks and variations or run scheduled jobs e.g. ETL style use cases.
  • Cognitive Transaction Cursors
    Cognitive Transaction Cursors
    Workato has transaction awareness when tracking trigger events. This guarantees trigger events are processed in the same order they occurred in the application, removing duplicates.
  • Long Running Processes
    Long Running Processes
    Many business processes can be long lived and could take days, weeks or months to complete (e.g. approval processes, surveys, hiring etc.).Workato eliminates the complexity of setting up automations for long running processes. Recipes can start processing, suspend at any step, and can continue execution from exactly where it left off.

Proven on-demand scale

Scale to your busiest day with a reliable cloud performance.

  • An elastic, scalable platform

    An elastic, scalable platform

    Workato fully manages the infrastructure, scalability, redundancy, and resource provisioning. Its modern architecture provides near-linear horizontal and vertical scaling, plus load balancing, parallel processing to support traffic bursts with no data loss.
  • Reliable, always-on access

    Reliable, always-on access

    Multi-tenanted architecture that takes care of provisioning, fault tolerance, latency and uptime.
  • 100% Cloud Native. Accessible anywhere.

    100% Cloud Native. Accessible anywhere.

    Users can build, operate integrations from any device using any browser. All product features and user created integrations are only in the cloud eliminating dependency on dedicated devices.
  • Zero Footprint. Nothing to install.

    Zero Footprint. Nothing to install.

    Instant provisioning, faster adoption as everything is available on cloud - no downloads, OS compatibility issues, ensuring zero maintenance hassles for IT or business.