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Multiple attachments using Workbot

Are you using at least 6 actions to get Workbot to post messages in a foreach loop?

Overzealous Workbot Syndrome

Posting a bot message in a foreach loop leads to spam

Does your bot sound like a broken record? At last, those days are finally over!

Now, you can iterate through a list by passing Workbot a list datapill. Rather than posting 1 bot message for each item in your list, Workbot collates each list item and posts a single message with multiple attachments instead.

The result? Posting a dynamic list is much easier, and less spammy.

In this video, we go through a Salesforce expense approval workflow. Firstly, a sales manager kickstarts the workflow by retrieving a list of Salesforce expenses. Next, each expense in the list is collated and then posted as a single message. Lastly, the manager has the option of approving or rejecting each expense list item.

We also touch on button handler recipes, and new bot message fields (i.e. footer, footer icon and thumb URL). These fields provide more context to your bot messages. On top of that, they highlight the workflows being executed, as well as the applications being used.

Check out the video below to see multiple attachments in action!

If you’ve made it through the video, that’s awesome! Aside from this post, you can find more info about Workbot over at our product documentation. There, you can learn more about command triggers, bot messages, and how they can work for you.

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Below, you can find the recipes used in the video:

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