November 2020 – Product Updates

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2020 has been a year of challenges and transformations. In this season of gratitude, we at Workato are grateful to see our customers and partners moving forward as a community and continuing to change the way work gets done! 

This month, we are sharing updates to the product that make automation for driving growth, remote work, and financial operations easy.

    1. JavaScript connector
    2. NetSuite SuiteTalk 2020_2 API Update
    3. Eloqua connector
    4. Search fields
    5. Dialogflow v2 enhanced auth
    6. Link buttons in Slack


JavaScript connector – With great power comes great extensibility

Although Workato provides a rich set of formulas, in-memory database for SQL transformations – occasionally both means to transform data are either inadequate or inefficient.

This requires you to step outside of the tools available in Workato and bring in your own language/tool of choice e.g. Ruby, AWS Lambda, JavaScript, Python or other to create custom transformations.

Until now Workato allowed you to create custom transformations using AWS Lambda and Ruby.

With the new Javascript connector you can use Javascript to build powerful custom transformations.

JavaScript Action

JavaScript Action

The ability to create custom transformations using a scripting language gives you the freedom to extend the platform to fit your needs.

The Workato JavaScript connector runs on Node.js version 14. All JavaScript libraries included in the Node.js version 14 are available in the JavaScript action. Additionally, the following libraries are included:

NetSuite connector gets an “API-lift”

Netsuite SuiteTalk 2020_2 API

Netsuite SuiteTalk 2020_2 API

We have updated our NetSuite connector to use the WSDL from the SuiteTalk 2020_2 API. This gives you the latest access to objects introduced in past API versions. A variety of new fields for objects have also been introduced.

#SuiteTalk 2020_2 changes

  • Payment Instrument added to Search object action
  • New schema updates to over 70 objects across create, update, search and retrieve actions.

Also read: NetSuite Connector Documentation

Turbo-charge Eloqua to drive higher lead conversion

Lead Management

Lead Management

As a marketer, you are constantly looking to drive higher pipeline velocity, faster sales cycle, higher win rates, and higher lifetime value for customers.

Generating leads is only the beginning, and capturing them in Eloqua is not enough. In order to respond to leads, you must push your hottest leads to your sales team quickly.

But if your sales team is spending time researching the leads, calling incorrect phone numbers owing to poor contact information, or sending emails to defunct mailboxes you are not only losing time but losing opportunities to convert leads.

And if you are relying on syncing data between Eloqua and your CRM, sales, analytics & other systems manually, chances are your sales team is reaching out too late.

Simply put, poor lead data and manual operations results in poor conversion.

Now with the newly launched connector for Eloqua, you can accelerate your time to response with automations.

  • Capture leads from virtual events on Zoom, Website or other sources into Eloqua.


  • Connect Eloqua with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or other to sync leads without any leaks, and eliminate duplicates with lead-to-account matching.
  • Use sophisticated transformations to validate and clean contact information – no bad phone numbers, no misspelled names, or invalid email addresses.
Lead Enrichment

Lead Enrichment

  • Easily enrich lead data with firmographic, demographic and organizational information using 3rd party services like Clearbit, ZoomInfo, D&B, DiscoverOrg
  • Save time, increase speed-to-lead with rule-based routing to get prioritized leads to your reps faster.
  • Load data from Eloqua into Snowflake for analysis and optimization

You can rapidly create automations that adapt to your GTM strategies and deliver results faster.

When working with objects in Salesforce, Workday, NetSuite or other apps, it is a challenge to quickly find the set of optional fields you want to map. It is even more daunting when you have to select from objects with 100s of optional fields. Now you can use search, instead of scroll, to instantly find the exact set of fields you want to view & use.

Pro tip: Use Ctrl/⌘ + F to open the search bar

Making conversations secure with Dialogflow v2 enhanced auth

Bots aren’t human, but they can hold conversations like humans. You can use Workbot with Google’s Dialogflow to design conversational experiences in Slack.

Users can simply ask “How do I reset my password? OR “Check my PTO balance for the year.” OR “What are the latest return to work policies?”

Behind the scenes, Dialogflow’s NLU engine interprets and generates the request for Workbot to fetch the necessary data from any combination of business apps.

Dialogflow authentication

Dialogflow authentication

To make these conversations more secure, we’ve enhanced the security when establishing a connection to your Dialogflow agent by rotating the key and refresh tokens.

Launch apps, webpages using link buttons in Workbot for Slack

Slack Link Button

Slack Link Button

Workbot for Slack now supports link buttons, which open web pages or additional messages in new tabs once clicked. Link buttons improve the user experience by reducing the number of clicks required to take action.

Now you can can easily open your next Zoom meeting directly from Slack, or load the company’s PTO request form with a single click.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Product Updates! Please visit our changelog for all of the latest updates.


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