November 2020 Product Newsletter

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2020 has been a year of challenges and transformations. In the traditional season of gratitude, we at Workato are grateful to see customers and partners moving forward as a community and continuing to change the way work gets done!

For November, we are sharing updates to the product that make automations for driving growth, remote work, and financial operations easy.

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Customer Spotlight: Mike Flynn at Rapid7

“Zero tolerance for failure.” These are the stakes for any Salesforce data migration. Join Mike Flynn, Head of Enterprise Automation at Rapid7 to learn how to manage migrations at scale with uncompromising data accuracy and no data loss. Learn pitfalls to avoid and how to mitigate operational footprint and downtime.

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Product Hour: Data pipeline architecture for Snowflake

Delivering crucial insights to your business faster begins with better data pipelines. But where do you start? Amy Jorde, Senior Integration Engineer at Malwarebytes will take attendees step-by-step on their journey to building a scalable, metadata-driven framework. Learn about how to set up data pipelines for Snowflake, automate pipeline creation using metadata, and more.

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Latest courses in Automation Institute

Is app-hopping or context switching a persistent business challenge? This course walks you through the steps to create a custom chatbot in Slack using Workbot. The best part, no code or experience with coding required. Go ahead, and make bots work for you!

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Tips & Tricks: Search Fields

When working with objects in Salesforce, Workday, NetSuite or other apps, it is a challenge to quickly find the set of optional fields you want to map. It is even more daunting when you have to select from objects with 100s of optional fields. Now you can use search, instead of scroll, to instantly find the exact set of fields you want to view & use.

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This wraps up our November 2020 Product Updates. Any feedback or suggestions? Please send them our way at

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Table of Contents