February 2021 Product Newsletter

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February is the shortest month of the year, but our product & engineering teams have still been hard at work delivering a suite of exciting updates to Workato. 

This month, we’ll look at updates that include an improved recipe building experience, streamlined workspace administration, and much more!

    1. Product Hour: Automated Document Processing
    2. New Course: Using Callable Recipes
    3. Tips & Tricks: Improving Speed of Use With Multi-Step Actions
    4. Automation Trends: Is Your Technology Working for You?

Product Hour: Automated Document Processing

Join this Product Hour to learn how you can combine the powers of Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions and automations with Workato to set up an end-to-end AP automation workflow, effortlessly extract data from passports, government IDs, visas, W-2s, IR8As, and other documents to downstream systems.

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New Course: Using Callable Recipes

When creating automations Callable recipes give you the ability to create a set of commonly used recipe steps once and reuse it across multiple recipes. By creating standardized reusable recipes you save time, improve readability, reduce errors and maintenance costs. Learn and explore the possibilities with this course.

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Tips & Tricks: Improving Speed of Use With Multi-Step Actions

The Recipe Editor has supported cloning, reordering, skipping, data masking and removing recipe steps for a long time now. With this latest update you can perform the same operations across multiple-steps in a recipe. Get more done with less clicks, faster.

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What do enterprises need for an automation platform? Find out in this conversation with Workato CEO Vijay Tella and Altimeter Capital Partner Pauline Yang. They will share key perspectives that technology leaders need to adopt as they continue to guide their organizations into the future.

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This wraps up our February 2021 Product Updates. Any feedback or suggestions? Please send them our way at product@workato.com.

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Table of Contents