Eventbrite Music support added to Eventbrite connector

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We’re excited to announce that we now also support Eventbrite Music in our Eventbrite connector! This means that Eventbrite Music users will be able to use our Eventbrite connector to build Eventbrite Music integrations and workflows such as automatically moving your event attendees into Salesforce or into Marketo as leads, automatically creating Salesforce campaigns that correspond to each Eventbrite event, or posting notifications on Slack when your event has a new order.

These are just some examples out of the dozens of integrations you can find in our community recipes – and if you don’t find one that fits your needs, you can easily build your own with zero coding!

What’s new?

If you’re an Eventbrite Music user, you will be able to select your organization, and see the subsequent events owned by the selected organization.

If you’re not an Eventbrite Music user, you’ll be able to select your event without selecting any organization, as your user owns or has access to the events directly. There’s only the “Default” option, but you don’t have to fill in this field, really. 

How does this affect me if I’m an existing Eventbrite connector user?

This doesn’t change anything! Your recipes will continue to run without you having to do any further configuration.

It’s easy to get started.

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Table of Contents