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Automation, in general, is key to keep up with the breakneck pace of digital change, intelligent automation helps take it a step further to enable businesses to become the masters of competitive advantage. Just as the Turing machine laid the foundation for the general purpose computer, Workato’s Turing release lays the foundation of a Digital Native Architecture (DNA) for intelligent automations in a digital enterprise.

Workato Turing release comprises of two core elements:

  • Digital Native Architecture (DNA): Workato’s DNA allows modern businesses to build and operate intelligent automations powered by people (Business and IT) and AI. It provides an intuitive way to build integration recipes, automate the operations with things like fully recoverable transactions while ensuring instant deploy, auto-scaling, security, and governance.
  • Recipe IQ: Recipe IQ provides machine-learning-driven recipe authoring and the ability to blend AI services, like Watson, to deliver intelligent workflows like digital customer journeys.

Workato DNA and Recipe IQ together put more users in an organization in control of driving the digital transformation than has been possible with any other platform or product.

Digital Native Architecture

  • Transparent UX that provides complete transparency on integrations allowing business and IT users to be on the same page. Unlike traditional integration products (e.g. iPaaS, EDI, ETL) that obfuscate the implementation and do not facilitate collaboration between business stakeholders and IT, Workato’s powerful yet easy to understand recipes give business and IT teams a common canvas to quickly build and iterate leading to faster integrations and more predictable outcomes.
  • Zero DevOps with a pure SaaS platform that supports a two-speed architecture that is always on, auto-scales, multi-tenant, and fully recoverable automations eliminating the need for purchasing, provisioning, maintaining servers. Built-in recoverability & reprocessing capabilities, guaranteed delivery, auto duplicate elimination and admin recipes empower non-technical users to create and operate recipes with minimal operational support.
  • Collaborative Governance through multiple tools, audit trails and custom reporting that empower administrators to enforce security and compliance policies. Teams with Role Based Access Management and SSO with SAML based authentication also allows admins to setup a collaborative multi-user environment and delegate responsibilities for better governance.


Recipe IQ

  • Machine Learning (ML) driven recommendations: Workato platform uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms based on billions of integration events and hundreds of thousands of integration use cases to assist you in building effective integrations and automations.
  • AI-Powered Services: Integration with powerful AI platforms (e.g. Salesforce Einstein, IBM Watson) enables you to transform your existing business processes, like building intelligent digital customer journeys, intelligent customer service, and more. Slack and Microsoft Teams are transforming the way people in an enterprise collaborate. Workato’s AI enhanced Workbot, provides a Bot platform to enable everyone in the company to get better insights, access and update information in apps (e.g. update JIRA ticket, check the status of opportunity in Salesforce),  and access workflows (e.g. approval workflows) right from within these chat platforms.
  •  Modern B2B Automations – Increasingly more businesses are integrating their core business functionalities with third parties and their platforms to build a digital ecosystem. These digital ecosystems will be pivotal in creating the next waves of strategic growth. Whether it be grocery stores integrating with Instacart, Amazon Prime Now or Google Express, or Airlines & Hotels integrating with Kayak, Expedia or Uber/AirBnB integrating with Airlines, the evolution of digital ecosystems is on the rise and B2B automations are the foundation on which it is built.


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Table of Contents