Intelligent Automations with Machine Learning and AI

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Every new integration can be slow, error prone and costly. With Recipe IQ (available with Workato’s Turing Release) , you can gain from collective expertise and run intelligent automations through machine learning and AI services like Watson and Einstein. You can also uncover valuable insights through tone, intent, personality analysis, and more.

Machine-learning driven recommendations

The Workato platform uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to help you build great recipes the very first time. This is done by recommending the most relevant actions and field mappings. These recommendations are based on:

  • Billions of events processed
  • Tens of millions of metadata elements inspected
  • Hundreds of thousands of use cases

For example when a recipe uses “New Case” created trigger in Salesforce to take specific actions in Zendesk, the recipe editor will show a set of recommended actions at the top of the list. The recommended actions are driven by what others have done when integrated Salesforce and Zendesk. This makes it extremely easy to build a recipe and minimizes room for error.


AI-enhanced intelligent automations

With this capability you can blend in AI services, like Watson, Einstein, to completely re-imagine your business processes, allowing you to build more intelligent automations.

Intelligent Helpdesk Automation

In this case, a question is posted by a customer on Slack. Workato picks up the question, sends it to Watson to classify and categorize the question. It then searches Zendesk for the relevant support article and posts it back to the Slack channel. If there are no relevant articles found, it creates a Zendesk ticket and assigns the priority based on the sentiment associated with the question posted by the customer.


Intelligent Sales/Service Call Analysis Automation

When a customer leaves a voicemail on RingCentral, it auto-transcribes the message. The text is then sent through Watson to derive call intelligence, like the tone and the intent of the voicemail. This is then recorded in Salesforce along with the link to the recording. Then based on the sentiment and the intent, an SMS is sent to the account manager.


These are just a couple of examples that highlight how AI-enhanced intelligent automations can help transform your existing business processes like never before.


AI-enhanced workbot

We’re seeing more and more business processes done through chat platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Workbot can not only trigger workflows, it can also leverage Watson, Einstein and other AI tools to make workflows intelligent. In this release you can easily make your Workbot commands a lot more intelligent by integrating AI services into them.

Modern B2B automations

In today’s world where a great number of business processes are being outsourced, like accounting, HR, call centers, etc, you’ll need intelligent automations that are multi-tenanted and able to run as different users at run-time. This is to ensure that BPOs can easily manage all their customers and partners through a set of common automations, rather than building separate automations for each company they work with.

Imagine a BPO handling accounting and bookkeeping for 1000 clients. At the end of the month, they would need to not only get all the necessary data from all their 1000 customers, but also input this into their own accounting system, reconcile them and then generate a month end report. This is extremely time-consuming and data errors may arise from the manual data entry. With Verified User Access, they can now write a single recipe to handle all their 1000 clients instead of creating 1000 different ones for each customer.

This is enabled through a feature called Verified User Access that verifies the credentials of the user at run-time. This feature can be easily enabled through Recipe Settings.

With Recipe IQ, we’re excited to help you streamline your business processes through intelligent automations. Curious to try it out? Setup a time with our friendly Integration Advisors.

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Table of Contents