September 2020 Product Newsletter

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It’s usually cooler in September, but our product machine is running hot. Read on to learn about the latest updates to Workato’s connectors and platform.

Store more data, faster with the Azure Blob Storage connector

The Azure Blob Storage connector makes it easy for you to archive data like case data with large attachments in Salesforce, backup large media files like Zoom sales calls, and move data from Azure Blob storage into a data warehouse for advanced analytics.

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Drive better alignment with Workfront automations

Cut down on time spent manually replicating data between Workfront and other business apps in your tech stack. Workfront automations connect to your favorite collaboration, marketing, sales and other apps so you can stop chasing approvals or updates on project and task status.

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Accelerate test cycles with automatic job debug tracing

Job debug tracing is now automatically provided for test jobs. This accelerates testing cycles by providing a detailed account of every network request made, including HTTP codes, headers, and payloads. Troubleshooting errors is faster, boosting developer productivity and improving recipe quality.

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Simpler loading of zipped data with Uncompress a File action

Zipping and unzipping files is familiar to anyone who has shared large files, whether they’re photos, videos, or documents. Similarly, businesses zip files when moving massive amounts of data. Preparing zipped files before loading into apps or databases is now simple with the uncompress file action.

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Product Hour

Join this Product Hour to learn more about how your teams can use various tools in Workato to create scalable and functional models for developing high responsiveness to changes, minimize risks of downtime and missed SLAs, and most importantly meet rapidly changing business demands.

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This wraps up our September 2020 Product Updates. Any feedback or suggestions? Please send them our way at

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