October 2020 Product Newsletter

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As the world looks ahead to the future of work, automation takes centerstage to drive efficiencies, speed, and faster business outcomes. October product updates enable you to create event driven automations with Confluent Cloud, high performance data transfers from on-prem databases, and more.

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Automation is fun, but it can also be tricky. Luckily, the simplest, most powerful automation platform is now paired with the easiest way to learn it. Automation Institute teaches you how to create automations and become an Automation Pro. Choose a learning path that works just for you! Explore. Learn. Grow.

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Workato. The Rebrand.

Rebranding is about bringing to life the core values of what you truly love about Workato – the product and the company. We are excited to unveil what we have been working on for the past 6 months, it’s just the beginning of an exciting new journey. We hope you’ll enjoy watching it unfold.

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Product Hour: Scaling Salesforce migrations at Rapid7

Salesforce migration isn’t a walk in the park, nor is it a “implement and we are done” process. Join us in this Product Hour to hear Mike Flynn, Head of Enterprise Automation at Rapid7, discuss the strategies, best practices, caveats and execution plan for Salesforce migration.

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Birthdays bring people together. But with remote work, it’s gotten harder to celebrate as a team. Birthday Bot makes your teammates’ special days extra special. Celebrate together, and make it memorable, no matter where you are.

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Tips & Tricks: Faster testing, troubleshooting with Skip Steps

Ever want to selectively run specific steps in a recipe to test the logic or debug? Or selectively disable execution of certain steps to troubleshoot a runtime error? Or choose a precise set of steps to execute when rerunning a job? Now, you can do it all with the new skip steps feature.

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This wraps up our October 2020 Product Updates. Any feedback or suggestions? Please send them our way at product@workato.com.

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