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We’re excited to announce the V2 launch of our HTTP connector! The HTTP connector is a universal connector that allows you to connect to any API endpoints you like, and it is a key part of our platform that enables you to integrate with almost any app under the sun, even if it’s not on Workato yet!

The V2 HTTP connector introduces a 3-step HTTP wizard, which provides a more guided user experience in building HTTP actions. Instead of configuring your HTTP action from scratch, you can send a sample request for Workato to recommend a configuration for you. The V2 HTTP connector also introduces new functionalities that enables you to build and test your HTTP actions more quickly and easily, such as:

  • RecipeIQ configuration recommendations for popular endpoints
    RecipeIQ is powered by our machine learning algorithms, and it tries to recommend the request body schema for you based on the API endpoint URL you’re calling. With these recommendations, you can simply fill in test values for the fields you wish to write to and send in the request. This should really accelerates the process of building your HTTP action!
  • Test console for instant testing and validation of HTTP requests
    You can customize your request in the HTTP wizard, send it, and view the API response immediately. You can check if there was a request error, if all fields were correctly named, if the record was created successfully, etc. This makes it so much faster to test and troubleshoot your HTTP requests!

  • Full API request and response returned for troubleshooting
    Failed request? The test console displays the full API request and response for ease of troubleshooting. Based on the error message, you can review and easily figure out why your request failed. Click “Back”, fix these errors, and send your request again!

  • Workato generated response body and headers
    Successful request? Review the full API response to check that everything looks good. Applying this configuration will automatically generate the Workato datatree for you and let you use any of these fields easily in your subsequent recipe steps!

  • Support for all auth types
    The OAuth2 and non-OAuth2 auth types used to be separated into 2 HTTP connectors. With the V2 connector, we have consolidated all auth types. If you wish to switch from using basic auth during testing to OAuth2 in production, or vice versa, you can easily change only the connection, and leave all other recipe setup intact.

That’s it! Simply by providing the API endpoint and sending in a sample request, the V2 HTTP connector can recommend and configure your HTTP action for you. This should help you to build HTTP actions more quickly and easily on Workato!

With the V2 launch of the HTTP connector, the V1 HTTP actions have been marked as deprecated. However, you can continue to use these actions in your recipe, and it is not necessary to migrate from deprecated HTTP actions to the new HTTP actions as we will continue to maintain V1 functionality. For more details, you can refer to this article.

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Table of Contents