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Recruiting has always been hard. From sifting through 1000s of resumes to finding the best fit in the shortest time, recruiters and hiring managers have a mountain to climb. And with more recruiting and hiring happening virtually, it’s only gotten tougher.

Use Greenhouse as a catalyst for a better hiring experience

In order to manage the hiring process, many companies have turned to Greenhouse. Greenhouse is one of the leading recruiting and onboarding applications for HR & PeopleOps teams to hire top talent and engage new employees.

By integrating Greenhouse with the other tools you use to manage HR processes, you can:

  1. Strengthen your talent pool by automating resume screening
  2. Give candidates a memorable hiring experience with consistent communication
  3. Retain employees longer by making onboarding a seamless process


Below are some examples of automations companies are implementing with the Greenhouse connector.

Three ways to make speed-to-hire a competitive advantage for recruiting

If your company’s hiring process takes too long, you may lose great candidates to competitors with faster hiring cycles. Below are three ways you can speed up the process by integrating Greenhouse to other apps.

1. Streamline resume screening for hiring managers

Screening resumes takes time and is hard to scale without bringing in the right experts. Using the Greenhouse connector, the moment a new applicant applies, you can automate the filtering to look for keywords and share auto-screened candidates to the right hiring manager or reviewer.

If you use a collaboration tool, like Slack, you can build a bot to enable hiring managers to approve or reject candidates right from Slack, which updates Greenhouse directly. This speeds up the filtering process and reduces the burden on hiring managers to log into multiple apps.

2. Make interviews memorable and hassle-free

Finding time for two people to meet is tough. Finding a time for 4 or more people to meet for an interview panel can be nearly impossible. By connecting Greenhouse to Google Calendar, you can auto-schedule calls based on availability for a particular date you pick.

And ensuring interviewers are prepped for their virtual call can also be automated. When a Zoom call is about to happen, the interviewers can be sent a link to the candidates profile in Greenhouse the morning before the interview. Close out the process by having a reminder to fill out the feedback form in Greenhouse automatically sent after the call.

3. Send out offers faster

Prevent unnecessary delays in extending a job offer due to long reviews and approvals by automatically routing requests to the right teams, tracking updates, and nudging approvers. Workato has an out-of-the-box way to automate these tasks with Talent Bot.

Retain top talent by providing  a memorable onboarding experience

First impressions are important when meeting new people and onboarding is no different. A great onboarding experience can improve employee retention and engagement, while a poor experience or no onboarding can do the opposite.

Below are two ways you can make your onboarding experience seamless.

1. Speed up background checks and offers

Going from a verbal offer to signed offer is a big moment for every new hire. Make this experience a positive one by making the gap between the two as small as possible.

When a candidate in Greenhouse is moved to the “Offer” stage, automatically trigger a background check in a 3rd party service, like Checkr. At the same time, auto-create and send out a customized offer letter through an e-signature app, like DocuSign.

2. Ensure a great first day in the office

Even the best recruiters and hiring managers have a tough time keeping track of all the tasks required to onboard a new person, from adding new hires to your employee database to tracking onboarding tasks. Make this process easy by setting up a workflow that triggers once the offer has been signed.

For example, once an applicant has signed via DocuSign, this can trigger a workflow that automatically updates Greenhouse, adds the employee to your HRIS app, and sends the hiring manager a list of pre-onboarding tasks.

You can also automate administrative tasks like:

  1. Sending out new hire communications
  2. Reminding new hires to send in required documents
  3. Tracking the status of completed tasks

Increase your talent pool with referral automations

Most companies offer incentives to refer candidates to open positions. This makes a lot of sense as 88% of employers say that employee referrals are the #1 source of new talent.

But often the referral process causes disillusionment as referrers are not kept in the loop about referral status and candidates are rejected without referrers given clarity as to why. Referrers are often putting their own reputations on the line, so they need to know that their referrals have a fair shot at being hired.

1. Keep the referral pipeline strong by providing transparency

The Greenhouse connector enables you to keep referrers satisfied with the process by making the referral experience transparent and easy. As candidates move from stage to stage in the hiring process, automatically trigger notifications to be sent to the referrer to provide timely updates.

2. Set up referral automations quickly with Referral Bot

Workato customers are also using our Referral Bot, a pre-built bot that enables you to submit referrals directly into Greenhouse from Slack or Microsoft Teams. Referral Bot tracks the progress of your referrals every step along the way and keeps your employees, hiring managers, and recruiters up-to-date on referral status. 

Workato supports the modern workplace

Changing your HR & PeopleOps tools and processes to fit the age of remote work can be a daunting task, but it has also opened up a great opportunity to make speed-to-hire a competitive advantage and to retain great talent by providing a great employee experience.

Learn more about the Greenhouse Connector here.


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