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Coupa is a cloud based business spend management platform that extends the ability of traditional ERP systems like SAP, NetSuite and Oracle EBS. With procurement, invoicing and expensing modules in traditional ERP systems lacking the usability required to drive true business value, Coupa – awarded top seed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Procure to Pay suites – remains a leader in this space by leveraging on the power of an intuitive user interface built on the cloud and seamless integration capabilities.

Coupa has been able to help management in small, medium and large companies gain oversight and increase control in business spending in their organizations. With this, they have garnered an impressive range of customers including Nike, Slack, Salesforce and Amazon.

A key component of Coupa’s ability to create value for its customers stems from its ability to easily transfer data between itself and other applications essential for their business. Through a robust REST API, it can manage both integrations ranging from simple ones to highly complex multi-step workflows. For example, you’ll be able to create suppliers or accounts in Coupa and have them synced automatically to your existing ERP system or vice versa.

Beyond maintaining the data integrity of your suppliers and accounts, you’ll also be able to sync the purchase orders or invoices from Coupa to your ERP systems to ensure all your systems work off the same information. This not only makes your Procure To Pay or Procure To Order processes easier, but makes data reporting a breeze. Workato’s Coupa connector allows you to accomplish all these and more without writing a single line of code.

The challenge

As your business spend management needs on Coupa grow, your integration needs with existing systems grow along with it. Whether its adding more modules to your ERP system or adding entirely new business applications, your IT team continuously needs to build and maintain more of these integrations to ensure that your processes run smoothly.

For example, while purchase order approvals and invoice collection are handled through Coupa, payment fulfillment and the updating of financial accounts might be handled through SAP. Engineering resources need to be devoted to implement these integrations and this could result in significant strain on your developers. Even small business process changes might require new integration work or enhancements to existing integrations, reducing Coupa’s potential benefits as you end up waiting for integration work to be accomplished.

Read on to find out how Workato allows you to reduce fatigue and strain on your IT team by empowering non-technical business users to develop and maintain their own enterprise level integration workflows on low code and user friendly platform.

Workato as an integration solution

With Workato’s new Coupa connector, you’ll be able to unlock and leverage on the power of Coupa’s full suite of business spend management capabilities without having to worry about the additional burden on your integrations team. Workato as an integration solution helps businesses realise the true power of Coupa without the drawbacks by empowering business users to build these integrations themselves. Reduce the number of IT tickets and time spent waiting around for resources to build these integrations. This means business moves faster and applications like Coupa spend less time in the sandbox before moving to production and creating real  value for your company.

Beyond this, Workato’s robust integration platform also has a large array of functionalities such as error handling, integration monitoring and even the ability to build your own customs connectors if needed. Collaborate with others in a shared workspace and have your integrations managed and built by teams of users whilst still maintaining a high level of transparency.

Workato connects to multiple ERP systems such as SAP, NetSuite, Oracle as well as a host of different on-premise and cloud based applications. With this, you’ll be able to build multi-step and multi-app workflows that can automate your Procure To Pay, Procure To Order or Expense management processes between Coupa and your ERP system or any other business application that you use.

Click on the links below to find out some common use cases between Coupa and various applications and how Workato makes these integrations quick and painless to set up for both non technical and technical users.

Or dive right into our sample recipes that can help you get up and running in a matter of minutes.

Beyond Coupa and ERP systems, the Workato platform allows you to supercharge any of your existing business applications by developing integrations specific to your needs. Workato connects with a large number of applications that fit the needs of any business. Leverage on our drag-on-drop recipe editors by signing up for a free demo and get your automations up running in a matter of days.

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Table of Contents