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This is an extension of our earlier blog post about Workato’s new Coupa connector. Check it out over here.

Coupa is a cloud based business spend management platform that extends the ability of traditional ERP systems like SAP, NetSuite and Oracle EBS. With procurement, invoicing and expensing modules in traditional ERP systems lacking the usability required to drive true business value, Coupa remains a leader in this space by leveraging on the power of an intuitive user interface built on the cloud and seamless integration capabilities.

Workato’s Coupa connector allows you integrate Coupa closely with your existing ERP system for Procure To Pay, Procure To Order and Expense Management purposes.  Read on to find out you can use Workato to integrate Coupa and NetSuite for your Expense Management processes as well as links to readily available Workato Recipes that you can copy over to your account.

While we use NetSuite as our ERP system in these examples, keep in mind that these could be any other ERP system such as SAP or Oracle EBS.

Expense management is a feature on Coupa that can be integrated closely with NetSuite. Employees submitting expenses from 3rd party systems like expensify can be integrated directly to Coupa through Workato.

This expense report created can then be approved on Coupa and the expenses sent to NetSuite to notify accounts departments for payment. Finally, after the expense has been paid, this event in NetSuite of the payment could trigger a workflow to mark the expense report in Coupa to paid.

Click on the links below to find out some common use cases between Coupa and various applications and how Workato makes these integrations quick and painless to set up for both non technical and technical users.

Beyond Coupa and ERP systems, the Workato platform allows you to supercharge any of your existing business applications by developing integrations specific to your needs. Workato connects with a large number of applications that fit the needs of any business. Leverage on our drag-on-drop recipe editors by signing up for a free demo and get your automations up running in a matter of days.

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Table of Contents