Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.


What’s new with connectors: July 2023 edition

We've released several new connectors in July, including:

SmartRecruiters: Streamline your hiring process with ease.

Zoom Team Chat: Enhance team communication in a snap.

Casavi: Simplify property management workflows.

Abbyy Flexicapture: Accelerate data capture and extraction.

Webcast Event Management: Manage online events seamlessly.

Zoom Contact Center: Revamp your customer service experience.

Cobee: Employee benefits, simplified.

Dialogflow CX: Boost your chatbot capabilities.

Seismic: Empower your sales team with the right content.

Bluepoint: Centralized event management.


Improved Connectors:

Google Analytics: Better insights for your website traffic.

SOAP & Postman: Enhanced web service interactions.

Iress XPLAN & OpenAPI: Streamline financial and development tasks.

Azure Active Directory: Secure and manage identities more efficiently.

Amazon Seller Central & Amazon Dynamo DB: Enhancements for Amazon-centric workflows.

Infor Talent Management: Optimized HR operations.

Jobvite (Custom) & Gmail (Custom): Personalized solutions for recruitment and communication.

Azure DevOps: Development workflow enhancements.

GraphQL: Improved data query capabilities. PageUp & UKG Pro: Advanced HR functionalities.


Native XSLT Support Now Available in Workato

Introducing native XSLT (eXstensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) support in Workato. Builders can now transform XML documents to various formats using a provided stylesheet, eliminating the need for complex workarounds.

Feature Highlights:

  • Supports XSLT versions up to v1.1.
  • XSLT with parameters and imports/includes supported.
  • Output datapill displays raw transformation results.

Introducing a new interface for FileStorage

Our powerful, in-house storage and data integration solution FileStorage, enables you to store large files in your recipes with more ease. It now comes with a new interface for you to view and manage the files you store in recipes. Moreover, this makes it possible for you to organize your files and directories, or download them. 


New RecipeOps trigger

Our RecipeOps connector has a new trigger, “On-prem agent disconnected”. It monitors your chosen on-prem group for agency connectivity issues, so when a network outage is detected or an agent process is killed, your recipe moves into action.


What’s new with connectors: May edition

Retrieve trigger closure values
Trigger closure values can now be retrieved when you get recipe details, or list recipes belonging to user. For Embedded users, you can do the same when getting a recipe or listing recipes in a customer’s account. 

Two new bulk triggers, “Export new records” and “Export new/updated records”, were added. To better handle large data volumes, streaming is used in these triggers. We also fixed a bug found in the “Monitor changes in a record” trigger. Now, each trigger record has its own record ID, even if it was edited in bulk on Salesforce.

Our input fields and output datapills have been updated to be more readable. And that error message that showed up when records had no properties? That bug’s been fixed.

Quick Base
Real-time triggers now rely on the webhook event directly when retrieving new records, instead of by polling.

Five new actions are now ready for Box Sign users to automate document signing requests. Plus, a new “Monitor sign requests” trigger to pick up on completed, expired, declined or bounced sign requests.

You can now enjoy the freedom of custom fields when deduplicating records with the “Bulk import leads from file” action.

Google BigQuery
Our select and insert actions weren’t displaying datapills as expected whenever a BigQuery table had a record type column. Also, the input field saw error when the polling schedule was set to monthly. But we’ve solved both issues now. 

Scheduler by Workato
To our Scheduler trigger, we’ve introduced a new datapill, “last job time”.

Custom actions related to gift cards have been enabled, and custom OAuth profiles are now supported. We’re also gearing up for an upgrade to the latest API version, so we’ve added pagination support and deprecated some output fields.

Transactional RFC support has been introduced, so you can run multiple RFCs or BAPIs in a single transaction—useful for making sure your data on SAP stays consistent.


Wait for a user to act on Slack

Our Workbot for Slack connector now allows you to wait for a user to act on Slack before continuing your recipe. This means you no longer have to build multiple recipes, saving time and effort.


Delete messages on Microsoft Teams

We've introduced a new delete message action to our Workbot for Microsoft Teams connector. Use it to make your users' Microsoft Teams experience more dynamic.


What’s new with connectors: April edition

Gmail and Google Calendar
Google has service accounts for apps to access Google APIs programmatically via OAuth 2.0. Use service accounts to make sure connections run even when permissions for individual users change.

SFTP/On-prem files/Sharepoint
Enjoy the option of storing empty files in your file storage solutions, now that file contents are optional for these connectors.

We had to fix a couple of issues to improve the experience with authentication, input and output schema. And in more exciting news, there's a new set of endpoints that lets you read and manage your Workday Drive documents in your recipes.

Now you can get more specific with your JSON filters when using the search records action, by using symbols like “=”, “>” or “<”.

Manage your Sharepoint files and folders in your recipes, with new actions that allow you to copy file, move file and rename file or folder.  

SendGrid deprecated some endpoints like create/update recipient, search recipient and add recipient to list, so we’ve removed these actions to avoid any “403 forbidden” errors.

Beefed up with 5 new actions, you can now update deals, update persons, get deal-related products, create notes and create activities.

Support for the Evernote connector has been removed, since our customers have moved on to other note taking apps, and its usage has been low. 

Apr 28, 2023

Workday’s multi-instance custom objects now supported

Our Workday connector now supports creating, updating, and retrieving not only single-instance custom objects but multi-instance ones too! This means you can attach more than one instance to a parent object, which is handy when you need to add, say, an employee's multiple COVID-19 vaccination records. 

Oh, and we've made these actions much more user-friendly too.

Apr 17, 2023

SAP connector is now SAP certified

Our SAP certification demonstrates that our connector is reliable, secure and efficient for our customers.

This gives organizations and their IT teams confidence that our integration does not pose risks of errors, data inconsistencies, nor security breaches.