Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.


Microsoft Teams Workbot update – Tabs to be sunset

We're sunsetting Microsoft Teams tabs functionality in Workbot for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft's new Teams client doesn't support Adaptive Cards in tabs, rendering Workbot tabs inaccessible. No comparable replacement functionality is currently planned by Microsoft. Check Microsoft's new Teams client release schedule to keep updated on when the new client will be rolled out (currently planned for March 31).

We advise users to transition onboarding content to custom help messages or develop web-based tabs. Our planned schedule for this transition is as follows:

Jan, 31st - All users who have created a Workbot with active tabs and admins of their accounts will receive an email with the notice.

Feb, 5th - The tab trigger and action will be deprecated and will no longer be available in new recipes. Existing recipes will continue to work (in ‘classic’ client)

March, 31st - We will share further sunset schedule based on customer usage and Microsoft's release schedule.

Jan 17, 2024

Community Connectors: What’s new in December

We've released 17 new and updated connectors this month! Exciting additions include Google Vertex AI for advanced language models and Cybersource for seamless e-commerce payments. Also, check out enhancements like improved Acumatica ERP with added batch actions. Dive into the full update here for all the details on these connectors and more. Happy connecting!

Dec 13, 2023

Community Connectors: What’s new in November

We've released 23 new or updated connectors, including platforms like Creatio for streamlined CRM workflows, Classy for seamless online fundraising, Ivanti Neurons for efficient ITSM automation, and Keycloak for robust identity management. Explore the full update here for details on these connectors and how they can enhance your automation experience.


AI by Workato Connector

We announced AI by Workato earlier this year and have been working hard to bring it to everyone. We are excited to announce today that it is available to everyone!

The AI by Workato Connector enables you to leverage the power of generative AI in your workflows to perform actions like:

  • Draft emails
  • Route tickets
  • Extract structured data from text
  • Summarize and answer questions source texts
  • Analyze sentiment

With great power, comes great responsibility so the connector is currently limited to 100 action invocations per day. Reach out to your customer success representative to request access.


Batch publish and new API for Workato PubSub

We are releasing two Workato PubSub updates to more efficiently handle large volumes of events:

First, the new batch publish action allows you to send a batch of up to 100 events to a PubSub topic within one action. It's a valuable addition the Workato PubSub connector to go alongside the existing batch trigger.

Second, the PubSub API was moved to a totally new microservice resulting in increased throughput and up to a 50% latency decrease. The new API is now available on a new domain, Note that the old API version is still in operation and that both versions share the same auth tokens, data format, and endpoints to make it simple to migrate to the new API.


Custom webhook responses for custom connectors

With custom webhook responses, Workato Connector SDK developers can now build webhook triggers with custom responses to ensure triggers conform to their destination application.

This allows developers to create real-time triggers to applications like Microsoft, Facebook, and Adobe that require targets to respond in a specific format, making the Workato Connector SDK even more flexible.

This feature is available today for any dynamic webhook triggers created with the Workato Connector SDK.

Nov 16, 2023

Community Connectors: What’s new in October

We've released 15 new or updated connectors, including Trustcruit, streamlining recruitment feedback loops, and HeyMarket, enabling batch imports from Salesforce. We've also fine-tuned the SmartRecruiters connector, adding new actions related to job and candidate properties, enhanced the universal GraphQL connector, and more. Read our full update here.


Better Observability when Working Webhooks

Native webhook triggers configured for JSON payloads will now return a 400 bad request status code if the payload wasn't valid JSON. Additionally, to ensure consistency, starting from 6th November 2023, we will also start validating webhook triggers within the same workspace using the event name and webhook URL. If they have different configurations, we will prevent the recipe from starting.

These updates allow senders to see when events are not accepted so they can intervene and investigate immediately.

Oct 24, 2023

Increased timeout limits for the HTTP Universal Connector

We are excited to introduce a new action in the HTTP connector - "Send request and wait for response" - which can now handle requests requiring us to hold connections for up to 1 hour. This update removes the pain of dealing with timeouts when working with legacy APIs which require long timeouts, or when requests that worked with small loads in DEV and TEST start to timeout in PROD with larger loads.

This feature is currently in beta and access can be requested through your customer success representative.


Unveiling our Australia data center

Exciting news — we’ve launched an Australia data center to enhance data control and performance for our customers in the region. This expansion caters to our growing customer base in Australia and New Zealand, offering them the power to choose the hosting location for their Workato account, alongside our existing centers in the US, Europe, Singapore, and Japan.