Recipe highlight: Unlock instant order shipping with automated invoice payment fulfillment

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Effortless Order Fulfillment Through Automation

Initiation of Order Shipment based on Invoice Settlement

Experience hassle-free order fulfillment with our new automation. When your customers settle their invoices, this recipe automatically triggers the Order Shipment process in BigCommerce. Eliminate manual steps and embrace efficient, automated order processing.

How the Automation Works:

When a new or updated invoice appears in Sage Intacct, the automation immediately verifies the payment status. If the invoice is settled, an order shipment is promptly created in BigCommerce. This swift action guarantees that your customers’ orders are processed accurately and delivered without delay.

Why This Automation Is Impactful:

This automation is a game-changer for your business objectives. It significantly reduces the time between order placement and delivery, empowering your Revenue Operations (RevOps) team to leverage real-time data for smarter decision-making. This not only boosts productivity but also enhances the overall customer experience, setting your brand apart in a competitive marketplace.

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Table of Contents