QuickBase + Workato: Big Updates like Native Webhook Support and More

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QuickBase enables users to create apps without any code. Whether you need an app to manage your projects or to manage your leads as a CRM tool, QuickBase makes it possible.

At Workato, our mission is largely the same. Our platform allows business users to create agile, enterprise-grade integrations, so they can get work done between apps. We’re excited to continue our partnership with QuickBase to enrich the apps you create through integration!

So how can I use Workato with QuickBase?

You can use Workato to create event automations, integrate information services, build utilities into your workflows, and create bidirectional syncs between apps. Here’s how it all works:


  • With Workato, you can easily create automations that trigger based on events in one QuickBase app and create/update records in another QuickBase app.
  • You can even set up conditions in the trigger or action steps to selectively move data over.
  • For example, imagine you use a QuickBase app to track patients seen in your medical practice. When you create a new record in QuickBase, and the “Type of Visit” field equals “New Patient—and the “Total with Taxes” field is greater than 200—it will automatically trigger the record being added to another QuickBase app.


  • Workato allows you to bidirectionally integrate thousands of cloud and on-premise apps—like Salesforce, NetSuite, Zendesk, Intacct, and Slack.
  • With Workato, you can quickly build workflows across multiple apps with business logic, data transformation, and human approval workflows that will help streamline your business processes.
  • Let’s say you want to sync your Salesforce opportunities with QuickBase. With the right integration, you can keep Salesforce opportunities updated whenever there’s a change to the corresponding QuickBase record’s status.


  • You can streamline your business processes by building workflows that include utility apps such as Box, DocuSign, Calendar, Twilio, and more.
  • You can create or update records based on actions from these apps, or you can orchestrate workflows to take actions in them.
  • Let’s look at a sample recipe. With Workato, you can easily track the hiring process by connecting DocuSign and a QuickBase table. Whenever a new signed document arrives via DocuSign, it triggers a request for approval via a People Task. If the People Task status for a document is “rejected,” the recipe stops. But if the People task status is “approved,” the recipe will create a new record in the appropriate QuickBase table or update the existing corresponding record.


  • Finally, Workato also allows you to integrate information services.
  • You can do lookups and quickly retrieve custom data for data enrichment, validation and normalization without custom coding. This includes external data services such as third party APIs (like Google Maps API or Gender API) and frequently-used datasets (like product catalogs or state abbreviations).
  • For example, imagine you use a QuickBase table to keep track of employees’ reimbursable mileage. You can set up an integration so that, at specified intervals, the recipe searches all of the records in a given QuickBase table and, for each item, fetches the mileage via Google Maps APIs. The recipe then updates the record accordingly.


Already a QuickBase/Workato User? We Have Big Updates!

QuickBase users take their work seriously—and so do we. That’s why we’re constantly improving the QuickBase integration experience by improving our platform. Since QuickBase Empower 2016, we’ve:

  • Added native QuickBase webhook support
  • Improved extensibility via custom formulas
  • Ability to retrieve external custom data via Workato lookup tables
  • Added data masking in HR use cases (e.g. for Social Security Numbers)
  • Callable recipes
  • Extended our coverage to all on-prem databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, and AWS Redshift
  • Rolled out new connectors for apps like Magento, Wrike, Unbounce, and Microsoft Teams
  • …and more!


Ready to get started? Check out our QuickBase integrations page for special pricing!

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Table of Contents